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I’ve learned over the years that I needed to do what I wanted, not what I thought would yield the most money. Ask yourself, “what fits my actions and personality?” Meaning, being brutally honest with yourself on what you’ll actually DO in life versus what others are for notoriety.

The Rules Are Simple… Come In With An Open Mind…
Invest → Live Simply → Happier You

Investing Based On Your Time Horizon

What does it cost to cover your bills in daily life?

Once you figure that out, you can then devise a plan to start investing for each of those costs and rid yourself of a day job. For example, how much is your phone bill? 150? Ok, lets figure out how much you’ll need to invest for which stock, ETF, or index fund will YIELD you that per month.

Watch the video below for a great starting point!

Below is the full playlist for planning for early retirement with dividend investing.

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The dividend stock research tools used in the video:
Seeking Alpha
M1 Finance – Brokerage for Dividend Investing

Tools for security:
Ledger Nano