expect to suck at the start

Why Sucking At Something Is Vital To Create Success (ONLINE)

Failure is Good This is about making videos about your limitations, about your beliefs, about your insecurities, and all that good stuff. Why sucking at something is vital to creating success. I used to Be Self-Conscious about Making Videos It’s something that I started about six months ago and I fought it and fought it …

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Heal Review

The Transformation That Discover HEAL Brings.

Become HEALED Today! My Promise to You Here is my BIG promise to anyone in this community that is new and doesn’t know me yet. 1. What this isn’t and what it won’t be: This isn’t some pointless Hype Business concept. You aren’t going to lose your credibility by inviting people that trust you. You …

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how to change your mindset for success

AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS IN 2020: How To Change Your Mindset For Success

Below is a transcript from the video above! Scroll down below OR Click HERE to see the #1 online marketing education delivered simply & with integrity. Change Your Mindset: Don’t Get Overwhelmed The internet marketing industry is affiliate marketing. It’s so overwhelming, there’s a lot of chaos, and there are a lot of things that …

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legendary marketer review

Legendary Marketer Review (My Unorthodox Look And Honest Opinion)

I’m reviewing this particular program, Legendary Marketer. I came across this a couple of years ago, and I wasn’t really open to it back then. I didn’t agree back then with some of the things they were doing, but now they seem to have changed things up. I wanted to take another look. You probably …

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how to get page likes on facebook

How To Get Page Likes On Facebook Only 2 Ways (Free and Paid)

How to Get Facebook Likes and Build Page Authority Here’s how to get Facebook page likes to your page to show more authority. I’m going to show you a paid way, and I’m going to show you a free way that’s going to take a little bit longer, but you’re going to build more genuine …

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how to create a bubble effect in screenflow

How To Make Bubble Effect In Video On Mac (Using SCREENFLOW)

I want to teach you guys how to create a bubble effect or a circle image in your videos, similar to the style that I have on my videos. I really couldn’t find a video that showed how to do it unless I had Camtasia for Mac, which I don’t, so I wanted to share …

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are you resourceful with money

Affiliate Marketing Tips: How To Be Resourceful With Money

How to be resourceful with money… alright so this came about from my own personal experience that I had and another one is a 15-day challenge that I’m a part of. So being resourceful is like is being creative with what you have in order to reach your goals. It’s being committed to making the …

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patience is the key to success

Why Patience Is The Key To Success In Business (And Life)

It’s all about patience in business and in life… Patience is something I say to my kids all the time. Take a step back and just take a breather, and don’t get overwhelmed. One step at a time; one day at a time. Patience literally is a virtue – my daughter said that to me …

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