About me…

Toki Tover smiling face positive fvibes


Whats up! I’m Toki. 

Military wife. Veteran. Serial Entrepreneur. Mechanic. Mom.

For now, here is a little about myself…

Mom: I have 2 beautiful and sassy little girls. (6 and 7 as of 2021)

Researcher: I am a born researcher, gatherer, organizer and have an overwhelming need to teach everyone everything I know. I am always questioning everything.

Serial Entrepreneur: I learned that there are universal laws that govern success and wealth and if you can understand the science behind wealth creation than you can write your own paycheck in life.

Because of this information, I enjoy teaching others how to leverage the internet and learn these universal laws to unlock their own freedom and reach their highest potential.

It’s my purpose and passion to help you discover these tools so you too, can have full control over your life.

In a nutshell, I help online business owners like you with semi-automation & non-sleazy marketing

My Passion

Teaching everyday people and entrepreneurs how to build a solid, unshakable business, and live life on their terms is my passion.

It’s a blessing to serve and inspire hundreds of people around the world to go after their dreams and create the good life they always wanted!