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(Time to make things simple and not regurgitate confusing strategies like order blocks, fvg, Wykoff, Bollinger bands, ICT and hope they work…)

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Where I LEARNED HOW to trade Forex.

There were  four places.

First person that allowed me to get the mechanics set up was Mike Trades Daily. You can join The Midas Touch group over on the skool platform here.

It’s free to join that group and get access to the basics. They have a paid section but I didn’t opt for that as my strategy doesn’t align. They utilize the hedging for their strategy.

Midas Touch Trading Group

Second person, Justin Lanaro (1 Minute Master). He did a wonderful job with teaching in an easy to understand way, I feel, will get you where you want to be financially. He taught me the in’s and out’s of forex trading and keeping things simple.

Fortunately, he came back to youtube for now! You can get into the GBPJPY Underground here. (not an affiliate link)

Third person I feel that keeps things simple is Nick Shawn from MissionFX. If I had to start over in Forex I would consume his videos only. Stay away from the hype, flash and big numbers on YT. You can start with his newest videos. Again he has a paid course.

Nick Shawn Forex Trading

He also has a free Telegram channel where he gives his trades LIVE.

Go here for that. That’s where I hang out. You can learn from taking his trades and see why he takes them.

Fourth and most important was Swing Trading Lab.

I don’t care what people say in the trading space about any of these people. I KNOW that if I learn from them and I see results… then it’s worthwhile.

His course is pricey but if you go through his Youtube channel and filter it, you can gasp his strategy.

Here’s a beginner course free:

Here’s a quick overview of his strategy free:

That’s it.




Keeping a trading journal can be a time-consuming process, but it is a valuable tool for traders looking to improve their skills and discipline. I started off with a Google doc, then moved to an excel sheet… it’s a tedious thing for sure until I found this that pretty much automates it. This way you can consistently record and analyze your trades, make better decisions and avoid repeating costly mistakes.

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