Why You Can’t Do The Work: A Video By Sam Ovens

Below are a video and post by Sam Ovens

Do you procrastinate? Problems with consistency and discipline?

And… Do you have a hard time actually wanting to do the work?

This video explains WHY gravity is pulling against your will and how to fix it (with practical instructions). More on that soon… But first…

Does this sound familiar?

You sit down at your desk to do the things you know you need to do, but your arm gets pulled by some mysterious force —

Your emotions are screaming inside, you want to open a new tab so badly, you resist, you give in, wormhole vortex opens, day ends, you say you’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow becomes today, the pattern repeats, self-resentment grows.

This video explains WHY gravity is pulling against your will and how to fix it (with practical instructions).

Click here to watch the video.

Chances are you don’t love what you do, this is why you struggle to do it. This video shows you how to find what you love — and by doing so — never have problems with “doing the work” again.

Here’s what we cover:

My audience’s (you) biggest problem: Procrastinating, doing things consistently, self-discipline, and having a hard time actually wanting to do the work.

WHY do I do what I do? (the 100% truth).

The secret method that allows me to work 12-hours a day, 6-days a week, for years on end (it’s NOT what you think).

Why doing something for the result/outcome/money never works very well —and— why people who do it for the sake of doing it always win (and make the most money).

When you LOVE doing something, your problem becomes doing it too much, not too little (the problem inverts, this is my problem).

Michael Jordan’s answer to people who ask him: “What’s the secret to becoming the best basketball player in the world”.

How to find out what you’re in love with by observing your behavior patterns over time (practical exercises you can do now).

Hacks to understand yourself + what you’re interested in: YouTube history, web browser history, bookmarks, movies, books you read in full, bank statements, things you don’t shut up about.

  1. How to turn what you love into an actual profitable business.
  2. How to map your loves “ecosystem”, identify inefficiencies, and come up with endless business ideas that will actually work.

If you’re an entrepreneur (or want to become one) this video will show you how to LOVE what you do and never have problems doing the work again!

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