There Is No Shortcut: Why Consistency Is Important In Business

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about in the communities that I’m part of.

I think when it comes to ads and advertising, we’re all looking for that winning formula with regards to Facebook ads or YouTube ads. We’re looking at our ad copy, our audience, the right color schemes.

I have a mentor and I never bought from him the first few times I saw his videos.

The first time I saw him, his video showed up in the related videos section as I was going through other YouTube videos, and he would always pop up. I really didn’t take notice of it until he did an actual live Q&A.

After I watched that, again I didn’t pay attention, and I didn’t buy from him. I would watch his videos and then I would learn more about him as he shared his story.

When I started to see him more, that’s when I would choose to opt-in through the link on his video (like everyone says in their videos, “Click on the link below!”).

When I actually did it, it was because I was finally ready to see what his offer was.

What I’m getting at is there’s no quick and easy shortcut to this stuff. It’s like the jab, right hook kind of analogy.

It’s so true that you’ve got to be consistent; that theory is so real. It’s not to say that we’re not going to get those quick wins right away, but I believe that long-term, our free content is where we’re going to earn the most trust.

Being consistent with free YouTube videos or your blog posting is where you’re going to build up trust. Being persistent so you can stay in front of people’s faces and they can see that you’re consistently putting out content.

I’m totally guilty of falling in the trap of letting anxiety win. But then I’ll turn that anxiety around, because I know I have a pending credit card bill looming over my head, and I want that money coming in right away.

We’ve got to be willing to put in the work, stay persistent putting up YouTube videos, looking at our Facebook ads and our YouTube ads and things like that. The point is, there’s really no shortcut. It’s something where you have to stay persistent.

Keep doing the work, keep putting out the videos, keep learning, and keep implementing.

Also be sure to keep monitoring what you’re doing, whether you use a journal or update an Excel sheet, whatever you need to do, stay persistent with your content.

That’s the whole point; you have to have people looking at your offers.

You have your traffic, you need a way to capture that traffic. You need a way to follow up with that traffic, and then you have to have offers for those people. That’s what’s going to turn into income for yourself and your family.

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