What Are Solo Ads: 2 Types Of Services To Look Out For (One You Need To Avoid)

The post down below will be a transcript of the video. So, for this case, I would watch the video and follow along to get a full understanding of what a solo ad is and the 2 types of services that are provided.

What Are Solo Ads?

I want to talk about the solo ad industry as a whole.

And so I’m going to sort of preempting this by saying that for many, many years, the only type of paid traffic I personally bought was through solo ads.

And for anybody that’s unsure, if you’ve, if you’re relatively new here, you may not even know what a solo ad it is. And so let me explain that first.

So a solo ad is a paid traffic source. So what a solo ad is, I want you to imagine that you’ve got somebody here. And this is a solo ad vendor.

Now this person here, what they have is an email list made up of a bunch of subscribers, right?

So we all know that one of the most valuable assets, if not the most valuable asset you will ever grow in your business, is your email list.

Now this individual here, this solo ad vendor, they have and are actively building a large subscriber base of people right now as a solo ad vendor, what they do is they offer a service known as a solo ad or sometimes I will call it an email buys.

what that essentially means is that they will offer you, so let’s imagine this is, let’s say this is me and I want traffic.

I want traffic because I know that I need to get traffic in order to make money and build my own business. And this solo ad vendor here has a big email list of people that they can email and so they offer a service known as a solo ad or an email buy.

What that means is that I can go to this person and I can pay them a sum of money to send an email to their subscriber list known as a solo ad.

So I will pay this person money for an agreed amount of clicks.

Now there is a different kind of solo ad as well, which we’ll refer to in a moment.

But just to understand the basis of a solo ad, I’m going to pay them a sum of money and in return, I will receive X amount of clicks.

Now those clicks will go typically to my opt-in page.

And what that means is any of those people that opt into my page, they go onto my email list and now I’m building my own subscriber base.

Does this make sense?

So I want traffic.

They have traffic in the form of an email list. I pay them an agreed amount of money.

They will deliver to me for that money and agreed amount of visitors to my opt-in page.

And obviously, from my opt-in page, I’m then able to build my own email list and these people then I can follow up with, with the goal of obviously turning these people into partners in the funnel and generating an income.

So that’s kind of like the big simplified overview of an actual solo ad.

Now, there’s a lot that everybody has to really understand with regards to solo ads.

Please understand that a solo ad vendor, their business is in emailing their list to sell those clicks to other people like you, like me, like others. And because of that, what I’ve personally noticed is if I compare solo ads today to solo ads years ago, I don’t believe today the traffic is as responsive from solo ads.

Proof with all of my solo ad buys has been very unresponsive from various “reputable” vendors in this space.

And I think the reason for that is if you imagine these solo ad vendors, they’re sending new offers of other people’s squeeze pages every day because their business is in selling that traffic.

It leads to a situation that I think we can all probably resonate with and that people are receiving dozens and dozens of new emails in their email inbox every day.

And if just one of those 50 emails a day or whatever it is comes from you or from I, it gets harder and harder to have people notice and open our emails and respond.

So, I don’t think this is just because of solo ads by any means.

Like I personally, I’ve got an email inbox that I use to register for all kinds of things and that gets full of emails from all different companies, not just internet marketing stuff or affiliate marketing stuff.

I mean like it gets filled up with all kinds of stuff.

And I think this is the same for everybody.

I mean, think about yourself. How many emails a day do you get?

It’s probably a lot, right?

And so if you take that understanding with any traffic source, you’re competing for the attention of people in an already crowded inbox.

It’s why email response rates are declining and it’s absolutely true, but they still work… don’t let anybody tell you email marketing does not work because it’s such nonsense.

So keeping this back focus then on solo ads… now you understand what solo ads are as a traffic source.

You also hopefully take on board what I’m saying that they’re not as quality traffic.

To me, it’s just a fast lead flow traffic source. And what I mean by that is solo ads are stupidly easy, very, very fast to get you get the traffic flowing.

But I no longer personally believe and others will have a difference of opinion on this. I personally would not only use solo ads today as my only thing.

I have 3 phases for traffic. Which is what we teach in our community, connect with me below to learn more… but It’s very easy to do the organic attraction strategies, but it requires time.

It is very easy to do solo ads, but it requires money and they’re not the highest quality traffic sources… Facebook advertising or other longterm sustainable lead sources are much higher quality traffic, but they require money and they have a steeper learning curve.

And so that’s why I break things down into three phases. (Organic, Fast lead flow – solo ads and paid advertising) But the sooner you get to a level of learning and implementing… from okay to good to great to a master of a long term sustainable lead source, the better you can be.

Ok, back to solo ads. So I want to be clear and let you know that solo ad vendors, some, offer 2 types of services.

This is where I got burned by one particular vendor and they pretty much through me under the bus. An expensive lesson. So, that’s the reason for this video… so you guys understand these services and which one to buy into and which one that you absolutely should not.

2 Types of Solo Ad Services…

One is what’s always been the common service to me, that I’ve used personally and that is to buy clicks. Now a click is what it says. They are going to send you a click to your opt-in page.

So one click is one person clicking the link in the email and going over to your page. So you might buy, you know anywhere from like 100 clicks and you can buy from some people like ten thousand clicks, right?

Literally like you can get so much traffic that way.

Ok, so you paid for clicks and with clicks, there is no guarantee of how many opt-in’s you’ll get. So that’s down to you based on how your opt-in page performs.

So if you sent a hundred people to your page and got 20 opt-ins, your page converts at 20%, right?

And that is to me, what has always been the common typical way of doing solo ads. You pay the vendor for clicks delivered to your page.

Now some vendors now offer a different type of service, and this is where, rather than paying for clicks, you actually pay for leads.

Now let me just explain what I mean by a lead.

A lead is a subscriber on your list, right? So a lead is a subscriber. It’s the same thing.

It’s a person, an individual on your personal email list, somebody that you can send an email to through your autoresponder and communicate with that person. That’s a lead.

So when you send clicks, you’re sending potential leads to your opt-in page.

When they opt-in, you now have a lead. Right now you can also, through some vendors, actually pay for leads.

Now, what happens with leads, instead of doing clicks where they send a visitor to your page and whether they opt-in or not, they’ve still delivered the click… with leads, they’re putting people onto your email list for you.

Now what this type of thing is called, it’s actually referred to as co-reg.

Now what that means is here’s how this service works, and this is how I was burned (I thought I was buying clicks because my previous order was a clicks campaign but my second order, at a higher cost, they gave me a lead dump and didn’t tell me.) but I’m going to explain to you how it works and I’m going to explain why I believe this is what you should NOT do.

So, but let me explain it to you.

Okay, so let’s just imagine the solo ad vendor up here. They are actively building their own email, right? It’s how they’re able to continue selling clicks. Now what a solo ad vendor can do though, they can go out and send traffic.

Send traffic to a generic opt in page (this green one) of theirs.

Now this opt-in page might say something really, really super vague, super like bland and vague and it might just say something like, discover how to make $6,000 a month from home in your underwear or something like that, right?

There’s basically just appealing to anybody interested in a home-based business.

So basically they send this traffic to a bland, highly generic home business-related opt-in page now.

So that would be like a headline and then there would be an opt-in form and a button. So they send this traffic here.

They’re going to be out doing all different kinds of advertising to send mass amounts of people to this bland, generic opt-in page. Now when somebody enters that email address in here, in this box, here’s what “co-reg” means.

Let’s say this is my autoresponder. Now let’s just say this is yours. Let’s imagine you also paid for a bunch of leads through this service.

And let’s say Mary has also paid for a bunch of leads through this co-reg service. And there might be, let’s just say Chris has paid for, you know, a bunch of leads through this type of service.

Now what happens is, let’s say this vendor here is driving loads of their traffic through to this opt-in page.

That’s just a bland, generic opt-in page. It doesn’t have anyone’s name on it. It doesn’t say, you know this person’s name, it doesn’t have anyone’s picture or photograph.

It is just a generic home business. Make money online related type page. Now when these people opt into this page through this type of service… what happens is they are subscribed to my autoresponder, they would be subscribed to your autoresponder.

They would be subscribed to Mary’s autoresponder and they might be subscribed also to Chris’s. Right.

And that could just be for one person, it could be for three, it could be 10, could be for 100 peoples autoresponders.

Essentially through this type of service, you’re paying to get these people on your autoresponder, so you’re not paying for clicks, you’re not paying for people to land on your opt-in page. You’re paying for people to be placed on your autoresponder.

And of course through that type of service, you then have your email followup there and your intention is obviously to get those people to buy products and that’s where you generate an income.

Now the positives on why people want to do this is that it is actually, people see this and they’re like, Oh, well I’m guaranteed to get opt-ins or leads on my list. And it’s like, I would say I would think, Hey, it’s like the magic button.

People think, Oh, I can hit this magic button, pay some money, get a guaranteed number of subscribers, not have to worry about my opt-in page.

Don’t care about how that converts. Don’t think about getting clicks and nothing’s guaranteed to me. I can press a magic button and guarantee I get leads on my list.

And that’s highly appealing because you know what you’re going to get.

There’s a certainty to like I’m getting leads on my list and I think that’s why it’s majorly appealing to a lot of people because it has that certainty.

People like certainty.

With clicks, nothing is certain other than you are getting clicks. It doesn’t mean your opt-in page converts.

It doesn’t mean anything other than I’m guaranteed to get clicks… with leads and co-reg services, you are guaranteed to get the leads and people get highly attracted to that type of service.

That’s the appeal.

That’s positive. That’s the pro. Now the negative to this is that these people, they’re, they’re not opting in for your specific thing.

Whereas with clicks… over here I can send people to my opt-in page, I can send clicks and on my opt-in page it can have my specific message, could even have my picture.

It could even, you know, it’s my lead magnet there. They’re opting in for my specific thing and then after they’ve opted in… on my thank you page or bridge page, I can have a picture of me or a video of me saying, Hey, Toki here, thank you so much for requesting my free video or free PDF.

Now while you’re here. I want to explain who I am and what you’re going to receive from me.

Now, that immediately means, even though they may not have known who I was when they clicked or even when they opted in on that thank you page, they get to see, I can begin to build that relationship so that when an email shows up in their inbox from Toki Tover, now there is a slightly higher possibility that they remember, Oh I, I opted into Toki’s list and that’s what I’m getting from her.

Now even though, obviously you’re still competing with all the noise in the inbox like that’s why I personally believe clicks traffic to be better than the co-req.

Understand that they’re not opting in on your page for your free thing.

They’re not seeing you on the bridge page.

Your thank you page after they bought it in… all they know is I requested information about home-based business and I start receiving emails from me and you and Mary and Chris… like who the heck is Toki and why is she emailing me…

So the negative… The drawback is that you have a much harder time at getting people to actually respond to you. And this is the problem that happened to me.

So I hope this gives you an understanding between buying clicks and buying into leads… and please just know that many vendors do this and always make sure you are buying clicks NOT leads.

You don’t want these bottom of the barrel lead dumps put into your autoresponder. They are going to be unresponsive and more than likely end up in your spam box or promo box.

Now you’re able to take this now and have an understanding whenever you come across this online of exactly what this is. And what to look out for.

So just understand the differences because you will find these two different types of services being offered.

And this to me, like these guaranteed leads, it really does feel like a magic button. I can hit it and guarantee I get a thousand leads or 500 leads or 10,000 leads just like that.

I don’t even have to have an opt-in page.

I can just hit the magic button and boom, we’re in action. But understand that whilst that appeal is there, they can lead to a lower responsive subscriber base.

Now it doesn’t mean they will never work.

By the way, I want to be clear on that. People do make this stuff work.

It wouldn’t exist if it didn’t work, but it’s going to take longer and I think the followup has to be more lengthy. So hopefully that makes sense to those of you that are watching this.

But understand now what that is and I hope I’ve done this explanation justice and explained that clearly enough so everybody understands.

I hope this has been a value to you. It is such an important area when it comes down to traffic in your business.

Solo ads are one of those things that many people are using.

I hope you have a better understanding what they are, how they work, why they operate as they do, what the different options are within a solo ad vendors business, what clicks are, what leads are, what is a co-reg solution is and what my personal opinions are about them both.

And that is just a personal opinion. So with that said, guys, I hope you appreciate this. I hope this was of some value. I’m here to really support you in all areas of your online business and the growth of your business.

So if there’s anything you don’t understand that you’d like more information on, drop a comment

And I’ll get back to you. Until then, have faith… keep fueling your dreams.

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