Vlog: Day 1 – 5 Walkthrough Of Zero To 10k Challenge (Now HTA)

Since I started my Youtube channel before I started this blog, I decided to transcribe and write out my journey from when I started a few months ago.

So, below will be a short written version of my video that I did. It’s a vlog going over my beginnings with my high ticket affiliate marketing business being coached by Josh Elder, Dean Holland and the team at iPro.

I joined his mentorship group called the Zero To 10k Challenge. It’s an “over the shoulder” building a business from scratch approach.

This has since changed to the HTA – High Tick Accelerator.

For day one, we had to watch the Born Rich seminar.

I don’t know if you guys know who Bob Proctor is… he’s a personal development speaker and author. Our “homework” is to watch at least 30 minutes every day.

I’ve been watching the heck out of Bob Proctor every day since I started this. I’m so grateful that Josh introduced us to this seminar. It was something I was searching for. I was ready to take in.

It’s really motivational… and a part of this born rich seminar you get a workbook.

This seminar is ten hours long. But don’t be scared off by that! Like I said, your task is to watch it for 30 minutes every day.

Thats it.

So when I drive to work I’m listening to it and then on my ride home, I’m listening to it again.

Make sure that you follow along in the workbook as you’re watching it. Set aside 30 minutes every day!

I watch this over and over and over again. And each time I watch it, I always notice something new. We all have wondering minds.

Now, within this seminar, you are asked to create goal cards.

A goal card is simply a place to write your main goal.

“My goal by [specific date]. I’m so happy and grateful that… [this is where you would write your goal]”

For me, “My goal by November 1st. 2019. I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve made $10k and month in my affiliate marketing business helping single and stay ay home moms (dads) do the same.”

Now what he says is, if you write a lie down on a card and you read it often enough every day that you’ll eventually believe it.

When your mind controls your body, your actions will follow.

You will start to take small actions toward your goal and think differently.

This is where success begins. With changing your paradigms.

To break down the video above, I just go over the back office of the course.

There are videos going over the basics of hight ticket affiliate marketing, Youtube marketing, solo ads and Facebook strategies.

If you dig the video, follow along and subscribe to my channel here!

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