High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator vlog 11

Vlog Day 11: Zero To 10k Challenge (Continued Results From Solo Ads)

I’ll go over my click traffic campaign using Igor’s solo ads.

You’ll learn my results with my email open rates and click through rates (% form) from these leads.

From that campaign that you’ll see (watch the video) that it ultimately bombed. The leads didn’t have any response.

Even with me emailing everyday, testing and tweaking the email subject line and length.

I used a domain email and was using, at the time of this video, Sendlane for my autoresponder.

I won’t say what I learned about Igor’s leads but I will say be very careful. It’s a huge risk using his and anyone’s solo ads.

If you choose to use his service, make sure you buy into the “clicks” NOT the “leads via API” campaigns (those are low quality)

Let me know what you think or of you have any questions!

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