The Best Predictor of Success: Discipline

“You need only one quality to succeed. You must have discipline.”

Those were the words of Ray Stanford, Bob Proctors first mentor. And is one of his invaluable pieces of adivice for me.

Then, because of my naivety I used to see discipline only as punishment.

How I hated it!

Contrary to my opinion, discipline meant the ability to say something and stand by it.

It was then I realised that Ray was right.

Discipline is indeed the fuel in the car of progress and success, without which a man remains stagnant throughout his life.

Yet, this sounded to me too simple.

I couldn’t figure out why the most important thing all of those rich and successful people had to master to become who they are now was discipline.

But amidst this confusion, I realised that indeed successful business owners and CEOs and investors most times had to go out of their comfort zones to achieve everything they are today.

Isn’t that what discipline entails?

Truly, who can be more disciplined than a person who though didn’t enjoy certain tasks but did them anyway…

Who stuck to a routine despite his discomfort…

Who didn’t joke with his time and who remained unyielding in his resolve to consistent practice?

Imagine how difficult it can be to do the things you don’t fancy. It’s a process of change that a disciplined person must undergo. The road to success is adorned with thorns and mud.

And to become successful, there’s no short cut.

As a disciplined individual, I stick to time and promptly deliver on my promise, whether anyone is looking or not.

Or even if I happen to be the only one doing the right thing.

But of course this trait didn’t just jump on me. I had to learn it.

So no worries, if you feel you’re still grappling with discipline.

With time, you’ll master it too, if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone.

Ready to become disciplined from now on?

Take note of these 3 things.

1. You should know that to become successful, you must be willing to do things in a different way.

2. Discipline starts with following your own rules. Create a checklist of your daily activities and stick to it.

3. Be clear about what you really want and go for it regardless of what comes in your way.

There you have it!

If followed religiously, the 3 traits above can get you where you want to be.

Will it be easy?

Of course not, but with consistent efforts, you will realise how close you get to achieving your goals.

The Art Of Goal Creation Using Discipline

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