Entrepreneur Resources

Entrepreneur Resources


#1 Online Digital Marketing Education

Become a freelance digital marketer with the legendary marketer program! This platform has been around for many years and has iterated itself over time… 

This isn’t a business opportunity, rather a marketing education platform to teach you the skills to market any product, service or offline business out there. This company is built with you in mind. If you’ve ever wanted to create a business around your passion, this company shows you how to do it with digital marketing. Legendary Marketer really stands out for a couple different reasons.

  1.  They’ve got coaches that work directly with you.
  2. They have a sales team to close your leads and sales FOR YOU! This is huge.
  3. They are setup for high ticket commissions… No more small pay checks.

There’s much more including, daily “wake up” calls” in the public Facebook group, all their ongoing training & all other training to complement being a digital marketer.

legendary marketer review

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If you’re interested in a FREE course that will help get you to 10k per month in the next 12 months AND wrap your head around how to start an affiliate marketing business check out:
My Online Startup.


Your Marketing Tools

All-in-One Marketing Suite

This is an all-in-one marketing suite of tools that actually work! This includes building all pages for your site… including funnels, forms and memberships. Of course, it has a database for your lead collection and follow ups. I currently use this for all my capture pages, sales pages and email marketing.

Replace all your marketing tools with this powerful all-in-one marketing platform that will help you sell more of your product or services.


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Collect Those Emails!

I’ve been using Getresponse almost as long as they’ve been around! They’ve come a long way for sure and now they offer is a landing page service built in. This is really cool because now you have the option to capture your leads and store them with one service. You also have the ability to setup your campaigns to do certain things based on specific actions your subscribers take. Very powerful. This is one of the email services I use and I’m loving it!

getresponse email autoresponder

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Youtube Helper.

If you’ve not already added video and YouTube marketing to your advertising arsenal, then it’s high time you changed that. Like Now.

 It’s a program that empowers you to oversee, manage, and scale your YouTube success. I personally love the keyword explorer and tag generator. They also have a thumbnail generator and a plethora of other efficient tools.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. 

tubebuddy youtube tool

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In a nutshell, Clickmagick is a click tracking platform that allows you to track all sort of link clicks (and optimize all of your marketing efforts).

If you are new to online marketing, it’s smart to track anything you are promoting.

Basically track, track, track anything that you can track, be it paid or organic. Why? Because that’s the only way you know which of your online marketing efforts or ads worked which didn’t, and to what extent.

That’s how you can get an edge over the rest and the only way you can stay ahead and be profitable.

clickmagick link tracking tool

STart tracking


This is my hosting of choice for all my sites and it’s what powering this site you’re on! Site speed is a factor for Google, so you’ll be all set here. If you’re ready to step up to better hosting that has fair pricing to keep all your sites on separate cpanels, make your hub with NameHero.

namehero website hosting

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I have all my domain names hosted here with namecheap. I found this to more cost effective than any other service, easier to use and less headaches. They also offer free whois guard for life. Although Namecheap’s core business is domain registry services, it provides additional services including web hosting, email hosting, security and cloud-based services. BUT only use this for your domains!

namecheap domain service

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Honorable Mentions For Tools, Services & Courses:

astra theme

#1 Blog Theme: ASTRA 

This is the only theme I’m running for all my sites. It’s the lightest, cleanest and fastest out there. 

elementor page builder awesome

#1 Blog Page Builder: Elementor

Partner the Astra theme with the Elementor Page Builder and you got a site that’s beautiful and easy to create!

✅   Updraft Plus: This is a backup service for your blog. I use this religiously and have this as a staple when ever I start a new site or an existing site.

✅   Vimeo Video Hosting: This is where I host my videos for my private and free training.

✅   Super Affiliate Accelerator: Looking for a NEW strategy to take your high ticket affiliate marketing business to another level? Then check out SAA!  A mentorship style program that teaches you branding, mindset and Facebook organic outreach.