Why Patience Is The Key To Success In Business (And Life)

It’s all about patience in business and in life…

Patience is something I say to my kids all the time. Take a step back and just take a breather, and don’t get overwhelmed.

One step at a time; one day at a time.

Patience literally is a virtue – my daughter said that to me the other day.

I must say it a lot because as a five-year-old she obviously listens to every word that I say, and when it backfires on me she says it back to me. I love it and I’m proud of it, but at the same time, it’s like a burn, she got me!

So patience is probably the number one thing to start off within business.

To be patient like sowing and reaping.

I know Bob Proctor said this in his “You Were Born Rich” seminar:

You sow and then you reap, but you don’t reap and sow in the same season.

It doesn’t happen all at the same time. You’re going to sow first and then you’re going to reap later, just like the farmer does. You’re going to sow those seeds and then however much whatever the time frame is to reap those crops is when it’s going to be ready. 

You know it’s not going to happen in the same season, but your reward is going to happen in the long term. It’s the same way in life and it’s the same way in business as well.

I searched on Google “patience in business” and there are some great quotes on there. 

“Patience this is the greatest business asset” from Paul Getty.

Henry Ford said, “Patience and foresight are the two most important qualities in business.”Whether it’s marriage or business patience is the first rule of success.” said William Feather. Here we have one from Napoleon Hill “Patience persistence another key perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” 

A lot of it has to do with cultivating patience in business, it’s really super important.

You may want to see results really quickly. But you put out a video, you put out a blog post, you put up your Facebook ad – you’re spending money and nothing’s coming back.

Then a lot of times people quit.

So again, you’re putting out this content. You’re giving people value, you’re doing all this work, and nothing’s coming in right away, and a lot of times people quit like after a month or two months or three months.

For me, now I’ve learned that that’s not how it works, I learned that I’m in it for the long term, playing the long game.

So if I put a video out somebody can respond to it six months from now and get insight from it and then connect with me and want to learn more. That’s how I’m looking at it now.

So six to twelve months maybe even 24 months maybe two years. When you’re building this online video YouTube channel, it may be two years from now that you’ll start reaping from all that sowing you did. You’ll start moving maybe a year from now, maybe two years from now.

I just wanted to get this out there – that patience is super important.

Having your mind in the right place, just not expecting to gain monetary value or gain monetary success right away.

When you’re doing this online business, you have to literally take a step back and just realize it’s going to work for you, you’re going to see success, but you got to be patient, you got to be persistent, and you got to be consistent.

I think those three things are really key to building an online business, whether you’re doing real estate, whether you’re at home.

Like when you’re at home and you want your kids to learn how to write in two seconds and it’s that’s not going to happen.

They have to practice, they got to be patient. I’m teaching my daughter writing, and she scribbles and she doesn’t want to do it and gets frustrated and it’s like well let’s just take a step back.

You just got to work with the kids and you got to be patient with them because they’re going to get upset and they don’t know how to control that. You got to be the one to teach them how to do that.

Patience is key when you’re starting with anything in life, whether it be your kids your business or even yourself or you’re at work or you’re just learning anything new in general.

Patience is always like the first thing that will help get you through those injuries, those setbacks, those limitations.

That’s all I got to say today, that’s all I wanted to talk about was letting you know that patience is the key to success in your business. It’s one of the main things.

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