why you cant do the work

Why You Can’t Do The Work: A Video By Sam Ovens

Below are a video and post by Sam Ovens… Do you procrastinate? Problems with consistency and discipline? And… Do you have a hard time actually wanting to do the work? This video explains WHY gravity is pulling against your will and how to fix it (with practical instructions). More on that soon… But first… Does …

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lessons learned in internet marketing

5 lessons I Learned In The First 5 Years of Marketing Online

1. Don’t directly link to affiliate offers I must’ve spent years direct linking to affiliate links before realizing I am doing myself a huge disservice. I still did up until this year (2019) Not only I wasn’t making sales, but I also was losing a lot of this traffic to the cyber ether. I should’ve …

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the art of discipline

The Best Predictor of Success: Discipline

“You need only one quality to succeed. You must have discipline.” Those were the words of Ray Stanford, Bob Proctors first mentor. And is one of his invaluable pieces of adivice for me. Then, because of my naivety I used to see discipline only as punishment. How I hated it! Contrary to my opinion, discipline …

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internet profits review with dean holland

Internet Profits Certified Partners Review (iPro With Dean Holland)

About a few months ago, I joined the most proactive affiliate partner program I have ever seen. It is called Internet Profits Partners. Have you ever heard of Dean Holland? Get his free book here. Well, this guy is an internet marketing samurai guru ninja, and he has (in my opinion) one of the best …

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10 ways to beat procrastination

10 Ways To Combat Procrastination (It’s All In Your Head)

A wise man once said ‘I will do all I have to do today and leave nothing for tomorrow, except what tomorrow brings as it comes.’ Often and again, we have been in the shoes of the wise man, sometimes we have tried to fill his shoes and failed. Once upon a time, you may …

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High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator vlog 11

Vlog Day 11: Zero To 10k Challenge (Continued Results From Solo Ads)

I’ll go over my click traffic campaign using Igor’s solo ads. You’ll learn my results with my email open rates and click through rates (% form) from these leads. From that campaign that you’ll see (watch the video) that it ultimately bombed. The leads didn’t have any response. Even with me emailing everyday, testing and …

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Launching My Affiliate Marketing Business (First Post)

The journey begins. So let me share a bit about what to expect from visiting me each week. I’ve finally got serious with my business and invested in a mentor and opportunity. My mentor, at the moment, is Josh Elder and the opportunity is Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Certification partner program. Right now, I’m working …

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