how to create youtube thumbnails

How To Create Youtube Thumbnails (Using Pixteller)

I learned from another YouTuber called “freedom by design” how to create thumbnails for YouTube videos. She did a tutorial on how to use Pixteller. I wanted to do a video myself for you, even though I didn’t come up with it… I was inspired. You can access the site at and I believe …

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There is no shortcut

There Is No Shortcut: Why Consistency Is Important In Business

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about in the communities that I’m part of. I think when it comes to ads and advertising, we’re all looking for that winning formula with regards to Facebook ads or YouTube ads. We’re looking at our ad copy, our audience, …

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what is a facebook pixel

What Is A Facebook Pixel: Feed Facebook The Data!

Here is a copy of the slides in the video: So, in this video, we’re going to talk about the all-important facebook pixel, why you need to feed facebook all the data you can and how to install it.  So, it’s all about that data, right! So why am I talking about data first? Well, …

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what are solo ads

What Are Solo Ads: 2 Types Of Services To Look Out For (One You Need To Avoid)

The post down below will be a transcript of the video. So, for this case, I would watch the video and follow along to get a full understanding of what a solo ad is and the 2 types of services that are provided. What Are Solo Ads? I want to talk about the solo ad …

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the secret to creating facebook ads that convert

The Secret To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert (Mad Engagement)

The Secret To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert And Are Engaging Below is a transcript from my video above in case you’re not able to watch it (like if you’re at work!) In this video, I’m going to share with you the secret that I’m using to get really good engagement and really good conversions …

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staying focused as a mom on your business

Affiliate Marketing Tips: How To Get More Work Done

What’s up everyone, Toki here and in this video below, I want to talk about what actions can we put in place to get our work done…. So, the question asked of me is…. Can you think of anything or any actions to put in place to basically force us to get the work done? …

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The Law of Reciprocity

Beyond The Law of Attraction – The 1 Most Important Law for Attracting Abundance

Most people struggling with the law of attraction are forgetting about this secret law of the universe… The Law of reciprocity. This video reveals how to use the law of reciprocity to attract abundance and to grow your online business in alignment with the laws of the universe. Below is the transcript from the video …

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mindset for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Journey: Fuel Your Dreams With This Message

Below, for those that don’t want to watch the video above, can read it down below! Enjoy. It’s a great way to start the day, getting ourselves in the right zone in the right frame of mind, to get the maximum output from your inputs in the week when you’re building your business. Because I …

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