5 lessons I Learned In The First 5 Years of Marketing Online

1. Don’t directly link to affiliate offers

I must’ve spent years direct linking to affiliate links before realizing I am doing myself a huge disservice. I still did up until this year (2019)

Not only I wasn’t making sales, but I also was losing a lot of this traffic to the cyber ether.

I should’ve funneled it to a landing page, collected the emails, created rapport and positioning and only then sent it to an affiliate offer.

Funny enough, I was doing a disservice to the product owner too. I was basically throwing peas at a wall and watching them bounce back in hopes that one or two stick.

Even then, I changed my way of doing business.

It’s called the hybrid high ticket affiliate model.

See for yourself, below:

2. Build Your List: it ain’t going to build itself

The sooner you’ll start the better.

The same thing goes for emailing your list.

If you don’t email it – it dies.

It’s a sort of “you don’t use it – you lose it” kind of thing.

3. You Don’t Need Tons Of Traffic: you need consistent traffic

My first big success came not as a result of massive amounts of traffic but rather from consistent small amounts of traffic injected daily.

Traffic that brought personal connections with people.

Consistency created momentum, even if small, at first.

It got me making some money.

Then I reinvested the money into more traffic and it snowballed into something bigger.

Eventually, I hit a comfortable spot.

4. Shared Hosting Sucks: Get quality host as soon as you can afford one.

I remember the day my daughter was born.

The hospital was in the big city about 30 miles out. I was going back and forth between home and hospital for a few days.

Whenever I’m waiting or bored, I tend to look at my phone.

Out of sheer boredom, I typed the URL of my site and got a 402 server getaway error. Site was down for a few hours by that point.

I was hosted with Bluehost. Called them up.

Spent about an hour on the phone mostly getting kicked from one support rep to the next until I was basically told to sit tight and wait for the issue to be resolved.

The site never went up that day.

They only managed to get it up the next day.

At that point, I was livid because as far as I’m concerned a dead site is same as a closed store – it’s not making money!

I switched to Siteground.

Took a few days to get all the files over, mirror sites, etc. It went well and eventually I was operational. One week later the same thing happens.

The most annoying part is I spent hours on the phone demanding answers instead of doing anything productive.

So I switched again.

A mentor of mine, MaAnna Stephenson, had recently switched to NameHero.

This host allowed me to create cPanels for each of the sites and a better cost than any other host AND kept cPanel.

So, I moved my sites over to them.

Been with them since.

5. Copy Rules: Landing pages will make money even if it’s ugly.

My landing pages were as ugly as ****, but they were making money.

So I didn’t bother investing in design.

Plus, there are so many page builders out there that can do the job as well as using Clickfunnels.

We’ve got some of the most professional pages in the internet marketing niche.

However, back then, when I was bootstrapping my business, the design almost didn’t matter. There was only one thing that was kinda important – a good headshot.

I never really got it how people with ugly dark pixelated profile photos make any money online.

I mean… it’s your FACE… have some dignity!

Let me know in the comments any lessons you learned from your journey in your online business!

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