Legendary Marketer Review (My Unorthodox Look And Honest Opinion)

I’m reviewing this particular program, Legendary Marketer. I came across this a couple of years ago, and I wasn’t really open to it back then. I didn’t agree back then with some of the things they were doing, but now they seem to have changed things up.

I wanted to take another look.

You probably a ton of searches for reviews on this program, and there are gonna be good ones and there are gonna be bad ones. On the good ones, you know you’re gonna see comments, and on the negative reviews, some are positive and some are negative, and vice-versa.

I’ll get into that a little bit later, but I came back to this particular program because I had someone that I knew, that I respected, that was promoting it.

And I was like, well, you know… and I really was looking for a lower front end offer to offer people that were brand new and didn’t really know what this was about. They had no experience or anything like that, so I wanted something that was set up, was polished, that focused on the basics.

It had mindset included, had the affiliate model, because that’s what I like to do, I love affiliate marketing.

I wanted it to be very user-friendly in the way of understanding this.

For the people that are new to this affiliate model, it can be super overwhelming, and there’s so much information out there, and everybody has their own ways of doing things.

They have their own opinions, they have their own structures, their own processes, you name it. Everyone out there is really overwhelming, so I wanted something that was getting back to the basics.

I wanted it to also include—I think I said this already—getting your mind right and building a foundation for people that are super new. That’s what I was looking for, just a really low-cost friend, an offer that would cover that in a structured way.

That’s what I was looking for, so this type of review is about that.

I’m doing it in a way that’s a little unorthodox because there’s no link for it in the description. Instead of relying on these very typical and almost structured reviews that are out there, I went ahead and bought the course.

For $7 it’s the 15-day Business Builder Challenge.

I bought that and I also got the Marketer’s Club upgrade. Let me show it to you. The 15-day challenge this says is seven dollars to get started. The Legendary Marketer’s Club is what I also got into.

I did not purchase the Traffic Rolodex, but I’ll get into all this kind of stuff later. I want to guide you through the process I went through, and why I chose this one for my front end offer.

You’re not gonna find an affiliate link down below in the description, because I want to be able to say what I want and say how I feel, good, bad, or indifferent about the program without saying, “Get the link down below and buy the program!”

I don’t want to do that, so you’re not gonna find a link for it. But I want to offer an unorthodox type review for Legendary Marketer.

With all the reviews out there, it’s either the program is super awesome and they have the affiliate link, as I said before, in the description.

Or you would see a strategy where the reviewer’s saying not-so-great things about the program, but then offer, in the description below, their own video.

Whatever program they’re promoting, it’s, “Hey you! Don’t get this, get this instead, because it’s better!”

Those are typical, and you’re not really getting a feel for it, they’re not giving you anything really honest that they would say, because they’re not really buying into it, they’re not going through the actual product and telling you their process and how it is.

Who do you believe when you’re watching those types of reviews?

You know who the people are behind it, but how good is the education? I wanted to know about Legendary Marketer, so that’s why I bought into it myself. I wanted to see it.

Does it have a community? Because that’s a make-it-or-break-it for me with any program.

Does it have a supportive community?

Is it active?

Is it inspiring?

Does it motivate you?

Are the people in there having success, whether it’s monetary or spiritual?

Do they have a lot of heart in their community? That’s super important to me, especially when I want to tell somebody about this.

I want to be able to feel proud to offer it to somebody, feel good about the content that’s in there within the system on the program.

Now I’m just gonna look over here on the other screen, and just show you, go through it with you really quickly.

Now we’re in the back office on day 1.

This is the challenging part here, the 15-day challenge part.

You’re gonna have assignments, and you’re gonna have to schedule a one-on-one with their coach. They talked about the wake-up call, so this is very important.

Here, this is community-based. This is something I really, really liked about the program initially, because it’s something every day for you, to inspire you, to get you motivated for the day. I really, really like that wake-up legendary calls.

I thought that was awesome.

That’s day 1.

Day 2: he’s gonna go into the core for this type of business model set.

They focus on high leverage, high ticket. You have affiliate marketing digital selling, your digital products and services coaching and consulting, and events and mastermind. He’ll get into that with you there.

Day 3: is going to talk about how to actually build your business using a funnel system. There’s somebody that’s going to go through it with you, step by step. That’s what you’re going to have here.

It shows you they’re using ClickFunnels to build these bridge pages and/or their landing pages for you, or you can do it a free way. I think somewhere in there, there’s a way to do this for free, without spending that much money for ClickFunnels.

You can probably use like WordPress site and a page builder for that if you wanted to do that over here.

This is probably my favorite day, mastering your inner game of wealth.

He really gets into mindset here.

This is probably my favorite part of the entire challenge, is getting this right first, before you even move on to anything else, any strategies, any tips, any and anything else.

I really believe that this is probably where most people fall out, and why they don’t see success, is because they don’t have this part right here.

He talks about the right way here, so day 5 of developing your business plan.

I did an article on that here: why you would want to develop a business plan here

Day 6, now I don’t remember which day looked like you weren’t allowed to move forward, but this is just getting into the coaching call, or scheduling your call with your coach. Let me see, schedule call, a business plan, okay.

You need to actually schedule to talk some to someone, which I did. I did do that.

I talked to this coach, and it was very pleasant for me.

I know a lot of people are having issues where their coaches were rude or they weren’t really helpful or they were really pushy, trying to sell them things.

That didn’t happen for me, because I was very upfront with the coach, the advisor.

I said, “Look, I just want this. This is what I want to do. I want to offer this as a front end offer for my people, people I’m connecting with, and I really just want to be an affiliate for it.” And he was like, “Great.”

He didn’t try to sell me on anything, he unlocked all my days for me because they’re the ones responsible for unlocking the days for you.

He went ahead and unlocked all my days, and then he gave me some steps and I answered some questions that he did have for me.

That’s how you can just move through.

That’s how my experience with the coaching advisor was. I was pleasantly surprised that it went fine for me, and I wasn’t being pitched or sold to or anything like that. I was very helpful, so I don’t remember what day we left on.

Day 7, when should you quit your job?

And let’s just say day 8 is gonna talk about high-income skills.

The whole purpose of building your online business is acquiring these skill sets and building these skills that you need to have your online business.

So this particular day, he’s going to talk about and go through lead generation. Why? This skill set is probably the number one thing because we all obviously need traffic and leads. What day am I on? Nine.

10, copywriting. Super important as well.

Telling stories in your ad copy for day 11.

We have a high-income skill number three, sales and present, where you can actually ask questions here or just say your biggest challenge, and they’ll try to help you out if you’re in that step in your business or that level in your business.

Day 12, what to outsource.

She talks about what to outsource, using other people’s money to build your business. This was a big one for me too because it teaches you how to be resourceful with your resources.

I’ll link to an article that I wrote for this because I actually had an experience with this myself, but here he’s just talking about how to become creative and finding money to invest in yourself and build your business. That’s basically what he’s going to talk about here.

Now we have day14, how to avoid mantrapreneur syndrome. Basically, he’s gonna go over setting goals and sticking to them. Being on point with your goal setting, and not just treating this as a hobby, but as a real business.

Giving you deadlines; that’s really important.

If you guys haven’t read this book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I highly recommend you read that book, or if you have Audible, listen to it if you have a day job and you want, because that’s what I do.

I listen to books while I’m at work when I can, but that’s what I do.

If you can really listen to that or read that book, it’s a really great foundational type thing. It goes along with the mindset and defeat

Day 15 is kind of the end. You made it, you’ve been through the challenge, you’ve been through everything, and you should have your business set up, and all that great stuff.

I really thought a lot of the content here was really great, really well structured, and it really flowed nicely. I think it’d be great for beginners to go through it, and even if you’re a seasoned marketer, it’s great for the refresher as well.

Also, the products they have, they have the business blueprints, the digital marketing where you fill up marketing events, and the coaching they have, the live training is the marketer’s club.

The marketer’s club has really great interviews.

There’s a ton of content in here.

Somebody mentioned that it was like Netflix for internet marketing or online marketing.

It really is. It has really good content. This one was really, really good to watch. It gases anything you could want.

I went through that, and there’s another one where you were born rich but made poor.

That one was really eye-opening as well. There’s a lot of content that’s legit. They’re not pushing you to sell Legendary Marketer with the education they have here. They’re teaching you how to build skillsets to promote anything you want.

They’re giving you an assistant educational platform now. It probably wasn’t like this before, which is probably why I shied away from it, because back then you got into it, and they taught you how to promote Legendary Marketer.

But now, it’s like the company seems to have changed, and now they’re more about an educational platform teaching you skill sets to promote and build any type of business and any type of niche or industry, which is great.

You’ve got to just imagine how much content is here.

Let’s see, the Traffic Rolodex Bundle. Well, it’s 24/7, obviously.

So what’s in there, I’m guessing, is I think they have content for Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads. There’s a plethora of content on how to market using those platforms, and I think that’s in the Traffic Rolodex.

I don’t know. I can’t really speak on it, because I didn’t buy that.

The affiliate part, let me go into that really quickly.

To be an affiliate you do have to fill out an application, and you’re usually approved within a few days, depending on if how you answer the questions in the application.

There are two options when you do become an affiliate, there’s a basic option, and then there’s a pro option, where it’s $30 a month. I chose that option, because I wanted to get the custom funnels.

I wanted to get the streams of income that’s added, so if somebody comes into the program at the $7 level, and they do sign up for ClickFunnels, you’ll get a commission for that. So that was nice.

And I think they had built her it all in there.

Your autoresponder is also linked as an income stream for you, and also another big thing that I really liked was you don’t have to buy all those high ticket products in order to earn a commission for them.

That’s my opinion on Legendary Marketer; this is my off-the-cuff review.

I just wanted to show you why I bought it, why I bought into it, what I thought about the content and the structure and the flow and the community.

I really like it. I really loved it, and I feel proud to offer it to people who are new, and not ready to make those high ticket purchases, because they really don’t know what’s going on, and they really don’t have their mind in the right place yet.

I think this offers a great way to start and build that foundation, and really wrap their head around the entire thing as a whole. Then they can pick their path along the way.

Now I just want to hit on this, because I see when people shoot their income claims, and what they made with the company—that’s cool, but that’s not something I like to do, because it might be a little bit intimidating to people if they’re seeing people like, “Yeah, I made my first thousand dollars in the first two months,” and then someone gets in, and it doesn’t happen for them.

That could lead to a little bit of a disconnect with the company and might make them feel shame. You don’t really want that, so that’s why I don’t really do that.

But you get those questions like, “How quickly can I make money with this?” and this goes for any business, not just Legendary Marketer, but it’s like…

How much money can I make with legendary marketer?

Or who is making money with the legendary marker?

Or how much can I make with it? Let me rephrase that.

How fast can I make money with Legendary Marketer?

To be blunt, I would say Legendary Marketer isn’t gonna make you anything. You’re gonna make nothing with Legendary Marketer, okay?

Bear with me. Let me explain this.

As far as systems go out there, the education and the material in any course is not gonna make you money. What’s gonna make you money and help you build your business is what you do with the information in the program, right?

It’s what you do with it. It’s not like you just having Legendary Marketer or any other course—you having it in your graphs, you purchase it, you buy it–that’s not going to make you money.

It’s what you do with them, with that information.

You understand it, you implement it, and you did or didn’t take action on it.

That’s what’s gonna make you money with whatever company.

You’re not in just this particular run, so you’re just setting yourself up for failure if that’s where your mind is at. Asking those questions just tells me where your mind is at.

Eradicate that. Let’s say to yourself, How am I gonna make money with Legendary Marketer?

Let me dive into the content, let me understand it, let me work it out, and then let me take action on it.

That’s how you’re gonna make money, not just this little package in and of itself. You need to step back and reevaluate your thoughts about online business. It’s really mindset shift here to succeed with anything.

That’s why I really enjoyed day four on the challenge because that’s what he really digs into.

And that’s it. Guys, that’s my whole experience with Legendary Marketer. I really enjoy the program as of right now.

I’m still kind of going through that traffic Bootcamp, and this is part of one of the videos I need to make, which is awesome.

I hope this helped you, gave you some little bit of insight.

If you guys have any questions or anything like that, just leave me a comment below, connect with me. I’ll leave a link to my Facebook page. You can message me from there, but I’m not linking to it.

I wanted to be able to say what I wanted to say, and I really think it’s a great program for new people to get into. I’m really enjoying it so far, as well as the people I’m connecting with that are new.

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