Beyond The Law of Attraction – The 1 Most Important Law for Attracting Abundance

Most people struggling with the law of attraction are forgetting about this secret law of the universe… The Law of reciprocity.

This video reveals how to use the law of reciprocity to attract abundance and to grow your online business in alignment with the laws of the universe.

Below is the transcript from the video in case you would prefer to read it!


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But right now you’re about to learn the most important law of the universe for you if you’re an entrepreneur.

And what is it? It’s the Law of Reciprocity. Now you need to understand how the law of reciprocity works, and when you get this done right, you actually automatically are going to be in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

So let’s get into the Law of Reciprocity. Now the Law of Reciprocity is quite simple and essentially the law states that everything you send out into the universe, all the goodwill you send out through to humanity will eventually flow back to you.

It reciprocates, right? So this means your focus as an entrepreneur, as a digital marketer, it needs to be focused on sending out value into the world.

And then you can move forward trusting that when done enough leveraged enough, that value will flow back to you. You will be reciprocated.

There are a few key components of this that you really need to understand at a deep level.

Number one is it’s not always going to come back directly from the same people that you sent out that value to that is not how this works. This is not a “cause and effect”. This is a little bit different.

The key focus has always been on driving value. You see, if I give enough value to enough people, the universe is going to take care of me. It comes in many different ways. Affiliate relationships pop up and I’m able to promote other people’s products and earn income from there.

I can promote specific tools when I’m teaching exactly how to do something like my keyword research videos. I show the exact tool that I use and love and recommend and sure enough, they have an affiliate program and if you click and purchase that through my link, I get an on-going commission. Same with funnel building software.

You learn how to do it because I gave you value and how you get the results that you want is because you were searching for how to do keyword research or how to build a sales funnel.

You found the exact perfect tool that professionals use and now you know how to use it. You’re all good. This is a win, win, win situation when it works out.

This is the Law of Reciprocation in action. And the way it works at the core essence of it is we as individuals, as consumers, right, because you buy things.

I buy things, we’re all consumers, but we consumers are more likely to spend our money with people who we know, like and trust. Who do you know, like and trust those individuals who are willing to give you value first can really move that know, like, and trust in the right direction more quickly.

So now you need a self-analyze your actions.

You need to pay attention to what you have been doing. Are you putting out great content with the one goal of helping people?

And are you reaching hundreds of people with your content…

See, I’m not reaching even hundreds of people. I’m a very small channel right now. I want to reach thousands and millions of people a month with my messages and I’m not there yet and I want to continue to improve my messages.

So the value I deliver brings you greater and greater value.

I don’t want to help you with $17 problems. I want to help you with $1,700 problems. I don’t want to help thousands of people with $1,700 problems. I want to help millions of people solve $1,700 and beyond $17,000 problems, right?

The value that I’m sending out increases; $17,000 problem is a more valuable problem than a $1,700 problem, which is more valuable than a $17 problem. Okay?

So the value of what I’m delivering increases and the volume of people that I’m connecting this to also increases and where can this path take me?

Well, let’s look at Gary Vaynerchuk, for example. If you know who he is, he’s kind of a hipster CEO.

Youtuber, I don’t even know how to describe the guy, but he’s built a very large audience. 1.5 million people. He doesn’t sell actual marketing techniques. He does not sell how-to courses, but he sold wines and shoes.

He did a deal, he inked a deal with K-Swiss shoes, and he’s got his own wines that he sells, and he’s making hundreds of millions of dollars selling wine and shoes creating entrepreneurial type content.

Now and he gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak on stage. He gets book deals; he gets probably $100,000 plus advances on his book deals, and on and on.

So the monetization for him does not often come back directly from those people.

He’s helping with the thing he’s helping them with, right? He’s helping young CEOs build businesses and he’s selling them wine.

He’s selling them shoes. Occasionally he sells them a book, but oftentimes he gets flown out to speak on stage and he makes $100,000 to speak on stage.

And that’s really the direction I’d like to go with this platform. I understand the law of reciprocity and I understand that if I can really truly help you go from wherever you are…

I don’t know how much you’re making online right now, but if I can help you, if you’re at zero, make your first thousand dollars online, but if you’re making any sort of money at all, if I can help you 10 x what you’re doing and then 10 x that again, I’ve given you so much value that it’s literally an unchangeable law of the universe that is going to make sure that from somewhere, that value will flow back to me.

And it might be that you talk about it on social media and then other people find it and other people grow their businesses just like you’re doing. All of a sudden I’ve helped hundreds of people grow real businesses.

I’m able to give you all the value in the world that I possibly can without an expectation of you giving me money back in return. It comes from other sources.

Maybe at some point along your path, you need to get hosting so you go get the hosting that I recommend. I just bought it again for a new site that I’m putting out myself. It works great.

It’s a great hosting. If you buy, I get a kickback, great. You get what you need. I get what I need, but I ultimately don’t care because I know if you’re on the shadow of a doubt, my belief in this is so strong that this law of the universe is taking care of me.

So I’m able to move forward. Staying focused on what? Value. How much value I am able to give and how many people am I able to get this value to.

But you’re going to notice that in order for me to create this value in the world for you, I gotta get my thoughts right. I’ve got to get my feelings right and I’ve got to get my actions right.

I’m trying to help you reframe your mind so you stop trying to get from the world and you now shift your energy to how can I give because you trust, you believe, you’ve seen examples of, and you know in your heart of hearts that when you give enough value to enough people, you will get yours in the end.

You need to be able to ride it out for years, not months, so that means go get a day job and do this on the side. Great. That’s what I am doing.

First thing, if you need money to fund your business, go get a job… Do this on the side. Start there…

And you might notice recently, that my videos are shifting towards mind-set because I can spend forever teaching every single tactic and most people still aren’t going to do the right things.

They’re just trying to get, and when you try to get the law of attraction says it’s going to get from you. So when you try to get from the Internet, what happens is the universe gets from you and you get more bills stacking up.

You get more car problems, more things lining up that will get money from you.

I got to help you shift that belief, that core understanding, that giving value is the key. And when you get there and you’re ready to ride this out for one, three, five years of giving value to a group of people, you can help solve a problem or achieve a goal. You are at that moment on the path to amazing success. I can’t even explain it. I won’t put it into words because I can’t put it into words how powerful and amazing this lifestyle can be.

But I know that you can create your unique variation of this. If you follow along with these Laws of the Universe that are out there. The Law of Reciprocation is a very, very important one for you to pay attention to. So go create value for somebody today. Go put a smile on someone’s face. Go do great things for other people.

You’d be amazed at what you can create in this world. I thank you for your time. If you have any questions.

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I appreciate you and I will see you in the next video. Until then, have faith and keep fueling your dreams take care…

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