How To Make Bubble Effect In Video On Mac (Using SCREENFLOW)

I want to teach you guys how to create a bubble effect or a circle image in your videos, similar to the style that I have on my videos.

I really couldn’t find a video that showed how to do it unless I had Camtasia for Mac, which I don’t, so I wanted to share this concept with you in case you don’t have Camtasia for Mac either.

I just want to do it quickly for you and it shouldn’t take that long.

I use a Mac and a program called ScreenFlow to create these effects.

I would start by just highlighting the section of where the image is on your face, and make sure that’s the only thing highlighted. You can’t highlight both lines or both sections here. 

Once you highlight that part, you’re going to your icons all the way up on the bar on the right side. Right-click the video. You’re going to see down here, where it says cropping, and this is where you’ve got to fiddle with it and kind of create a circle or close enough to a circle. Mess with it a bit until it looks right. You can fiddle with it as much as you want to try to get the circle perfect. With practice, you’ll get better at that.

Just by messing with those three settings you can get a quick circle image, and it makes your videos pop a little bit. 

You can add a drop shadow or note. You can add reflection as well. You can add all kinds of different options for that particular image setting on your videos.

That’s a real quick and dirty way to manually create that bubble effect for your videos on a Mac using the Screen Flow program.

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