How To Get Page Likes On Facebook Only 2 Ways (Free and Paid)

How to Get Facebook Likes and Build Page Authority

Here’s how to get Facebook page likes to your page to show more authority. I’m going to show you a paid way, and I’m going to show you a free way that’s going to take a little bit longer, but you’re going to build more genuine connections this way.

Facebook Ads Method

Start off by opening your Facebook Ads manager. Obviously, before you do this, you have to have a Facebook page set up already, and an Ads account. So if you don’t have one, pause the video and go create one.

Here you’re in your campaign level. There’re three tiers. You have your campaigns, you have your ad sets, and then your ads. This is your campaign level, your ads, and your ad set level is basically your audience level.

I already did one for myself, and I stopped it a while ago. I was getting about 2 cents per like back then.

Creating Your Campaign

You just go to the green Create button here. In your campaign page, there are three tiers—you have your campaigns, you have your ad sets, and then your ads. Again, your audience is your ad sets.

Create a campaign name. You can just name it “test”, so you know the test page is liked okay.

Choosing Your Settings

When you set your objective, you want to tell Facebook what you’re doing. What you’re going for here is only page likes. Campaign name, you can just put “test,” so you know it’s a test page.

Here on your Campaign Objective change it to Page Likes. Here, when you set your objective, you want to tell Facebook what you’re actually doing and actually going for. Here you’re going simply for page likes.

Set Your Budget and Campaign Name

Come down here. As far as your budget’s concerned, you can set that down here. I was going at $5 a day. You can do $10 a day or whatever your budget is.

Here, as your asset name, you’re going to put ‘Page Likes Worldwide’—I’ll show you that in a minute. And here your name is Page Likes. Then you save it to drafts, so it’s not posting anything yet.

Your Campaign Page

We’re going to hit save to draft so it’s not posting anything yet, it’s just saving it to draft. We’re here at your campaign level. This is just showing you what you already set up. You’ve got your campaign name, you’ve got your page likes as the objective, and then you have your budget.

Choosing Your Audience

I’m gonna go over here into the ad set level, which is where we are going to set our audience. We’ve got page likes and your identity. Here you’re gonna select your page that you want to promote.

For me, this is my Facebook page, which is right here. I would select that. I’m gonna leave the time alone for right now, and just let it run.

Selecting a Worldwide Audience

Okay, I’m not creating this custom audience, and this one here is where you’re gonna deselect this, and you’re gonna type in this box, “Worldwide.” This is gonna go out and tell Facebook to let everybody know about your page. You just go ahead.

If you wanted to add more regions, you could, but again, your costs are just going to go up, and here the purpose is just to build authority for your page at a lower cost.

If you want to put the United States again, your cost per like is going to go up a lot.

Audience Age

For the ages, I like to keep it wide open, with 18-65. Again, if you want to change it to all women or all men, depending on what your Facebook page is about, you can do that too.

Topic Targetting

Next, we’re going into the targeting. Depending on what your page is about, it could be in health and fitness, it could be about anything.

For me, mine’s entrepreneurship, so let’s go ahead and type that in here as an interest. That’s quite a few people.

If you wanted to dig a little bit deeper, you could hit suggestions, and if you’re targeting just females and put in a female entrepreneur, self-employed, anything to get this number up as high as you possibly can.

Otherwise, we’re going to keep going down here. I’m gonna leave all this alone, the optimization and everything is right from here. I’m not gonna hit publish, but I’m gonna go into my actual ad area.

Select the Page You’re Promoting

Here’s when you can select your Facebook page that you’re gonna use. Title your ad name, and this is where you want to set up your ad.

Choose an Image

You can select an image, and this is the recommended size for your image, so it’s going to be an image over here, and then on the top, it’s going to have your ad text.

Let’s go ahead and select that image, and let’s just see. I think this is one I used; we’ll just use this again to show you what it looks like. Here’s my image. Of course, pick one that’s related to your niche.

Add Text

Come down here, and you’re going to put in the text which I haven’t already set up. This one fits nicely on two lines; it’s even better if you can do it in one line. And that’s pretty much it.

Remember, We’re Building Authority Cheaply

It’s simple. You don’t have to overcomplicate this. The purpose is just to build authority to your Facebook page.

By going this, you’re gonna get the lowest cost possible targeting worldwide, setting up a simple image related to your page, and simple text copy to get people that are interested in entrepreneurship to click the like button.

You’re targeting people all over the world, and it’s a great way to build authority. That’s it for that!

It’s super simple to set up. You hit publish, you wait for Facebook to review it, and then it’ll just start running. Then you’ll start to see page likes coming to your Facebook fan page.

The Free Way to Build Authority

Now, the free way to do this, which is what I’ve started to do, is you can go into your niche or industry and go to where all the leaders and influencers go to their pages.

Obviously, for this one too, you have to have a Facebook page set up already.

Follow Industry Influencers Closely

You would go here, and to these people, these leaders’ and these influencers’ pages, and set it to where you can see their posts first on your Facebook newsfeed.

At that point, let me show you what that looks like. So if I go to Lois House’s Facebook page, you hit the like button, and you go to where it says following.

You look in the dropdown menu, and what you do is hit “see first” in your newsfeed.

Leave Intelligent Comments on Their Posts

When he drops a new post or when any of these leaders or influencers in your industry or niche drop a post, you’ll see them first in your newsfeed, and you’re able at this point to leave an educated, intelligent, really thought out comment on their posts.

What that’s gonna do is, one, make the tension of your leader or influencer lighter.

But when you leave these comments, don’t leave them in your personal Facebook page. Like this one is my personal page with my daughters on it.

If I’m gonna leave a comment on this post, I’ll say I watched it, thought about it, and was inspired by it to leave a comment on it about something related to me.

Changing Your Commenting Facebook Page

You go into this little section where you see my girls’ picture. I’m gonna click that and then click on my Facebook page as the person commenting, instead of my personal Facebook page.

Here you leave your comment and hit enter. Now it’ll post as your Facebook page so that people visit your page when they see it.

Enjoy the Community

That’s a great way to build connections through Facebook and see what other people are up to. You might want to share your business and just swap ideas, and it’s a genuinely great way to share ideas with people on the same wavelength, liking the same leaders and influencers and things.

It’s a great, free way, but it does take a little bit more time.

Commenting on Your Phone

If you want to do this on your phone, you can’t do it through the Facebook app. It doesn’t give you an option to change who’s leaving the comment from your personal page to anything else.

But you can go to Facebook in your browser on your phone and change it that way.

How Many Comments to Post

With this strategy, I would recommend five posts a day, depending on how many leaders or influencers you’re following.

I would do it three to five times a day, and just give some thought out comments. Don’t just say, “Hey, great post!” or “Fire! Great job!” Have something inspiring to say, something intelligent to say.

Remember the Two Ways to Gain Authority

That’s it for today. It’s really quick to use two great ways to get likes to your Facebook fan page or page.

Again, there’s a paid way, setting web pages like a campaign. And there’s this free way of following leaders and influencers in your industry. Make sure you follow them, click the “see first” button so you see it first in your newsfeed.

Then go into your phone or on your desktop, change the commenting role to your Facebook page versus your personal page, and leave a comment with that.


I hope that helped you guys. I hope you learned something today. Because I just learned this myself from one of my courses, and I’m part of you, I got some value added by this.

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