Affiliate Marketing Tips: How To Get More Work Done

What’s up everyone, Toki here and in this video below, I want to talk about what actions can we put in place to get our work done….

So, the question asked of me is….

Can you think of anything or any actions to put in place to basically force us to get the work done?

Do you have any hacks that you used to basically force you to get work done….

People tend to overcomplicate things and get distracted.

So this is a fantastic topic.

This is a great question because this is actually something and I see from the responses from groups I’m in and actually something that more people than you might realize struggle with.

So, what happens is… people don’t get their work done because of too many distractions and when they do have focus… sometimes they focus on the wrong things or they’re lacking focus and therefore just drifting.. as I like to call it…

And so I have these two categories I put things into…

I have tasks that keep you “afloat”… meaning tasks that have to be done but they’re not actually driving the business forwards or meaning they’re not moving the needle of the business… that there’s stuff that has to be done but it just keeps the business afloat.

I would deem responding to emails in that realm of it has to be done but it’s just sort of keeping the business afloat.

I’m not saying not important tasks but I’m saying tasks that don’t drive business indirectly.

Like, you know, changing your blog theme… changing your logo. Answering emails scrolling Facebook you know checking social media browsing your private messages all those types of things.

I would put those tasks into like a floating category. Right. They just float you along.

Now then… there’s the other category of tasks.

Driving tasks… as in like the tasks that are going to drive the business forward.

So an example of such tasks would be… setting up an ad…writing a new ad… sending an email to your list.

In a setting up a new Facebook ad or setting up a solo ad or an email by or doing whatever your paid advertising strategy is. You could be doing a Facebook Live in your group… it’s just like emailing your list.

So really we could categorize it is like advertising for new traffic and leads or marketing to the audiences that you’ve already built.

They are like driving tasks.

OK, so that’s the two areas I put things into.

There really isn’t a definitive answer to this question and there are definitely all sorts of hacks if you want to call it that, old tricks or tactics that you can use to help you get your most important tasks done.

But I don’t think, and this is probably not the answer that you’re going to want to hear but I personally don’t think there’s any better motivation to get your stuff done… to get the work done than the motivation of your reasons why you want to be doing it in the first place.

Like if you’re not tuned in directly to exactly why you want this, then you probably will get easily distracted.

I’m not saying, just being clear, that is the answer to everything but it is a big answer.

If you know for me for example like if I didn’t have my goals and my vision and my driving strong reasons why I wanted to do these things.. then I probably wouldn’t come in and do as many hours as I do in a week…

I probably wouldn’t, you know, get up hours earlier than my kids on the weekends and work.. and sometimes even if I am relaxing or watching TV I might still be thinking about stuff or I have a notepad with me and I’ll write down my ideas or tasks I need to do.

Yes, admittedly, sometimes I sneak away from my kids to get a short task done but I’m not forcing myself to do the work.

I’m happy to do the work. I’m excited to do the work but not because there aren’t the distractions there for me because I get distracted but because I’m driven by why I want to get the outcome…

I’m driven by my mission… I’m driven by the vision.

You know there’s some stuff that you’re about to see me start talking about over the next few weeks… that I haven’t really spoken about with anybody because it’s fairly new ideas that I’ve had.

You might start to see it popping up and it all goes in line with like why am I doing this… what am I doing it for?

What’s that reason?

You know for me, my reasons why have adapted and changed because I’ve accomplished a lot of what I initially wanted to do.

Going back to 2010 my reasons why early on, to be honest, was like.. I was sick and tired of being broke.

I wasn’t earning much. And having to drive and commute and put fuel in the car to get to that job. And I was working like six days a week…

I was a car mechanic in a fast-paced shop. It was physically taxing..

That’s when I first started looking for like how am I going to make some more money… what am I going to do?

And so that was my drive to start with like I can’t even afford to go out for a drink with my friends. Like that was a driver back then.. like I am sick of this situation.

I want to do more… I want to accomplish more.

That was a big enough driver for me then because the pain for me back then was I have no money to do anything or to help my parents…

So that was my reason why and that was so strong. That pain was so bad I’ve not been able to do those things or enjoy time out or anything like that. I was strongly driven to do the work and I went through years of distraction and no focus.

That’s why I got in debt.

I got in debt because I kept buying loads of like shiny objects.

But one of the biggest things… biggest pieces of advice I could give you and indeed anyone else if you find that you’re not motivated enough to get the work done and you’re allowing distractions to take you away from doing those tasks then that’s the first place I would start is to say to myself…

“Why the hell am I doing this?”

Because here’s the truth. Here’s the truth that nobody talks about in this industry like it is not easy, it is not easy to start and run a business.

I guess I work harder now through choice… But like I work harder now than ever have in any job.

But I look back and say, that was easy.

Like looking back at that time I thought… all these jobs …. I was tough!

I get up early, show up…. I didn’t have the pressures. I didn’t have the stress… yeah sure I had the pressure and stress of not earning as much as I would have liked and not necessarily having the freedom I would have liked.

But I look at that compared to life today and I would not change a thing.

Today, yes I’m still at a day job…

BUT I made the decision to work every day on tasks that DRIVE my business.

Simple as that. But like when you’re doing your work for yourself and your own business nobody is going to come and tell you to do the work… you either do it or you don’t. You either progress or you don’t.

You’re either going backward or forwards and it’s all on you.

And so that would be the first thing right now, in terms of, are there any hacks… are there any little tricks that I use. Yes there are. When I need them I will do them.

I check with my spouse, make sure the kids don’t pop in and I get to work.

Now one of the things that I will often do and here is like a hack if you want to call it that.

One of the things that I will often do, where applicable, I’ll actually unplug the internet and actually go and I’ll like I’ll detach myself from the Internet.

I’ll pull the plug out… like if I needed to work… if I needed to create some PowerPoint presentations or write some ads in a word document or plan a video that doesn’t require the Internet and unplug it because I know how easy it is to just check Facebook…

Just click on this or I’ll just check that.

I’ll just check my email.

So that’s one little trick…. Now in line with that… if you find that you’re just not strict enough to do that.

Just take your laptop and go sit somewhere outside… go out of the house and go somewhere where there is no Internet… which is kind of tough these days because everywhere has damn Internet.

But go outside of your normal environments as you could. I know this isn’t always possible, especially in winter.

But give it a try.

You could go sit in a park if it was sunny with your laptop on a bench and just sit there working away… you could go into the library and work…

And, this is the reality is if you wanted a bit more… tough love from me here is… everything that we do that’s not the right work is really just like, I’m going to be really blunt here like you’re just BS’ing yourself really.

If you think about it… like you can find a million and one things to fill your day with. Or you can do the stuff you need to do.

And I know everybody has different challenges and difficulties and reasons but the reality is this.

If you’ve got strong enough reasons why that are driving you and maybe perhaps for some people… like perhaps you haven’t really got to the real reasons why…

You need to go as deep as you can possibly go with yourself to the point where it lights a fire inside of you.

You need to get to the absolute core of why.

Not… I want to make more money to be with my family more… or my job sucks… or if I could only have more money to go places with my family…

Well, that’s the norm… those are the exterior reasons of why people get started BUT what’s at the core of their being that will keep them fueled to complete their goals?

What’s their fear? What’s your fear? What keeps you fueled to keep plugging away and building your business?

For me, is how my daughters will look at me.

Am I a mother who is always there for them or am I always at work?

Am I a mother that has the energy to play or am I a mother that’s always too tired from working a day job… no time to clean… no time to cook… never spending enough time with them. Are they proud of me?

That’s my core.

So, Every time you feel yourself getting distracted… I want you to think about how you’ll feel if that deep-rooted fear of yours come true.

How will that feel?

And what’s more important to you… focusing and getting the work done and getting a positive outcome.

Or the possible outcome of you staying distracted never providing better for your family staying in that job you don’t like not being around for your family as much as you want and then maybe that worst fear of yours actually comes true.

Or do you want to be focused and every time you get distracted… you got to drive that thought into your brain.

So how do you see the difference?

So, Do I have any hacks that can help you avoid getting distracted and actually get the work done?

The absolute biggest thing that I could give you is to get to the bottom of your real reasons why you actually want this in the first place.

And one of the things that I would say if you truly continue to struggle is to break things down into smaller chunks.

Don’t try and focus for a whole day.

  • Focus for 15 minutes or 30 minutes right.
  • Focus only on that one task that you’ve got to get done for 15 or 30 minutes and then get up go walk away or if you have this inherent desire to check Facebook or Skype or whatever.
  • Reward yourself for that 30 minutes of focus time.
  • I’ve done 30 minutes I’m going to reward myself with five minutes on Facebook and then you set a timer and then get back to 30 focus time and break it up a little bit.

Break it down. Keep it in shorter chunks.. that could be another trick. So anyway, I hope I’ve given you value here…

It’s either you’re usually running towards a reward or running away from fear and you need to get down to what it is that drives you get to the bottom of it.. remind yourself of it and hopefully with a bit of discipline and a bit of continual work … you might find that you do get better.

I hope you got some insight and value today.

And if you have any other questions or comments about what I said Please leave a comment below, and I will get those answered.

If you want to learn more about what I do or connect with me, click here… until then have faith and keep fueling your dreams…

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