How To Convert Leads Into Buyers (Affiliate Marketing For BEGINNERS)

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Introducing Joshua Elder And His Common Sense Advice

I want to introduce you to, Joshua Elder.

He’s going to talk about how he’s able to turn leads into buyers, and he’s not gonna talk about some crazy marketing tactic or strategy.

It’s really something that’s very common sense, and if you think about it, it’s so true. Even the process where I came to him to begin with, worked the same exact way.

I was able to come to him, and it’s so simple, so common sense, so human that I really think you guys are gonna get some value from it, so let me just switch it on over to him.

How to Sell and Promote Products

And today I’m going to do a short video talking about how to sell, how to promote affiliate products or even your own products, and how to do it in the right way, and set the right expectations.

If that sounds good to you, go ahead and follow my channel because I’m putting up videos pretty frequently about how to build a life in business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment.

Converting a Lead into a Buyer

Let’s talk a little bit about how to take a lead and convert a lead into a buyer.

What the expectation is now, typically people are expecting that they’re just gonna run traffic one day, and then convert that traffic the next day.

The Selling Process is like Dating

And I like to illustrate the buying process much like dating and going on a date with somebody.

The first date, you don’t just walk up to somebody and say, “Hey will you marry me?” and get down on one knee.

Obviously, they would think that you’re crazy!

You take them out to dinner, you nurture the relationship, you get to know them more.

They get to know you more, until the point where you become boyfriend and girlfriend, and then eventually, two years go by and you get married.

How Much Time Leads Take to Buy

So when it comes to the relationship-building process, when you’re building a relationship with your leads, understand that it’s usually a 60 to 90 day period in which someone goes from a lead to a buyer.

What Percentage of Leads Buy, and When They Buy

You’re probably going to get about 5% to 10% of people—and that’s a pretty good conversion rate, it’s on the high end for people that buy your products and services right off the bat.

For the most part, about 85% to 90% of people will buy 30, 60, and even 90 days from now.

Be Patient! Use Your Marketing Tools.

That means that if you’re running page traffic, you’ve got to deploy a lot of patience. If you’re running free traffic, you’ve got to deploy a lot of patience.

You need to use your email autoresponder and social media as a tool to get closer to your customers.

Build Your Buyers’ Trust

As you continue to upload content, as you continue to email your list, you’re going to begin to build more and more of a relationship.

I get a lot of people that write me through email and say, “Josh, are you a scammer? Is what you do legitimate?”

I’ve been burned by so many products and programs in the past, and my take has always been, don’t purchase from me, do not do business with me if you don’t fully trust me.

And that’s really how I sell.

Goodwill Sells

I let a lot of my content and my goodwill that I put out into the marketplace do most of the selling for me.

Just giving content that really helps people… as long as you do that and don’t try and pressure somebody into buying something, your content will do the indoctrination and the selling for you.

How Much You Can Charge People

Day one of seeing your content, somebody might buy it right off the bat. Then after seeing 10, 15, 20 pieces of content, other people will finally make a decision to buy.

I heard recently—actually a week ago—one of my sales guys said the way that they look at marketing and how much people are willing to pay somebody for their product.

And typically for every hour of video that the consumer watches, you can charge $1,000. So if they watch five hours of your content, it’s right around $5,000.

Now, that’s not the case with every prospect, but that’s a pretty good number to dictate how much a client or prospect would be willing to spend.

Keep Putting Out Goodwill

The more content, in other words, the more goodwill that you put out there, the more likely somebody is to buy your products and services.

The message really boils down, in this video, to be patient.

If you’re running paid traffic, keep running it for 90 days, keep putting out goodwill. Make sure that your numbers are right, of course.

The cost per lead, the cost per application. If you’re booking calls, make sure that those leads are right, and everything else will work out.

Be Patient, People Will Buy

It really comes down to knowing your numbers.

That’s obviously for another video, but continue to put out goodwill, be super consistent, and as long as you help people by actually helping them, not trying to sell, just giving them quality value, after that, if you lead them back to the sales page or back to the booking page (if you’re booking calls), they’ll eventually buy your products.

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