AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS IN 2020: How To Change Your Mindset For Success

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Change Your Mindset: Don’t Get Overwhelmed

The internet marketing industry is affiliate marketing.

It’s so overwhelming, there’s a lot of chaos, and there are a lot of things that can get you stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed.

So I made this video.

Bob Procter’s Mindset For Success

I’m about to introduce you to what’s called mindset for success.

He’s gonna introduce Bob Procter, which is where I started. From that point on, I think my whole world changed.

It really changes your life when you start to get into the mindset, get into your soul, get into your purpose, your why, and all that great stuff.

It’s really life-changing, and it gives you some clarity on your path to your journey to building your business online, and I really, really believe that a lot of people look over this, and it’s really where you need to set your foundation.

It’s really where you need to start when you’re about to build your business online.

How to Transform a Mindset into Money

Welcome to the next module in the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator. In this module, we’re gonna cover the mindset for success.

I think this is probably the most important module, but it’s also the module that most people will discount.

I hope you’re not in that group of people.

A lot of people wonder why they don’t succeed, yet there’re tons and tons of information out there on the internet outlining exactly what to do and how to do it, how to become rich, and how to become abundant.

How to get rid of limiting beliefs.

How to make money with e-commerce, how to make money with affiliate marketing.

A lot of the information is out there, but the problem is the fact that people don’t have the right mindset as to how to take that information and turn it into physical form and make money from it.

The Mindset for Failure

I want to show you the mindset for success, what the actual mind looks like, and the same transformation that I went through—to go from thinking that I couldn’t do what I wanted in life, that I was predisposed to my parents’ beliefs, and that if I wasn’t born in a rich family that I wasn’t gonna be wealthy, and all these different limiting garbage beliefs that I had—how I went from that to completely understanding that my past doesn’t equal my future.

The Way to Success

I could write anything that I wanted to on the next page of my life, and that was quite liberating.

We’re gonna go through that.

I’m gonna show you that the road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same; you can get started in the wrong industry.

You can get started in something that is completely off the beaten path, but because you have the right mindset and because you have a mindset that has willpower attached to it, eventually, if you continue to seek out success, then you’ll eventually be led on the right path.

Some people are let on the right path from the get-go.

They find their passion, they know what they want to do, and they go out there and do it.

Other people spin their wheels and they really can’t find what they’re passionate about.

They’ve got to experiment with a lot of things, and through that experimentation, they develop the passion and then eventually go down the right path.

I hope this module serves you well. Let’s go ahead and let’s get into it! Here’s what we’re gonna cover in this specific module.

I’m going to cover two things specifically: What does the mind look like, and how does it actually work?

Then what is a paradigm, and how do we change paradigms?

A lot of people can see what the body looks like, the different parts of the body, but when you describe the mind most people just draw a blank, which leads them to a misunderstanding of themselves.

We’re gonna go deeper into paradigms and what these paradigms are and how they pretty much control you just like the software within a computer. Let’s go ahead and let’s get into it.

What does the mind actually look like?

Well, you’ve got two parts of the mind.

I went to a seminar on his back in May of 2015, and after going to that seminar my income just skyrocketed.

He helped me understand what the mind actually looks like, and what I’m gonna do beneath this video, because I don’t consider myself a personal development expert, I’m just sharing with you what I know.

Watch Bob Proctor’s Seminar for Yourself

I’m going to leave a link below that will take you to the same exact seminar that teaches a lot of this stuff in complete depth. I would watch this seminar 30 minutes a day every single day.

I think the seminar is about eight or nine hours, but every bit of it has so much depth and there’s so much of value and you’re gonna gain something new from it every time you watch it.

You can download the workbook here.

You can watch the full seminar here.

So here’s how the mind works.

You’ve got the conscious mind and then you’ve got the subconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind

And depending on what’s going on in each of these two parts, the mind will control what the body is doing, so what the conscious mind does is it gives us the ability to reason.

This part up here gives us the ability to problem-solve when we’re first learning how to drive a car, and we’re consciously focusing on pressing on the brakes, pressing on the gas, looking in our rearview mirrors, looking around us, and making sure that there’s no oncoming traffic when we’re trying to change lanes and so on.

It gives us the ability to solve math problems so anything that we’re consciously focusing on that’s problem-solving takes place in and is controlled by the conscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

Then you have the subconscious mind, which is our programming.

It’s our habits that were installed into us over time, the beliefs that our friends gave us about ourselves, the beliefs that our teachers gave us about ourselves, the beliefs that our parents gave us about ourselves, and the beliefs that our ancestors gave our parents then gave us about ourselves.

A lot of what’s going on in your life right now is due to what’s going on in the subconscious mind.

A lot of what’s going on you can’t even recognize, so even if you went to try and change something about yourself, it’s very difficult to do, because you’ve got these years and years and years of programming.

For example, it’s a lot easier to reprogram somebody that’s 10 years old versus somebody that’s 30 years old, or somebody that’s 20 years old versus somebody that’s 40 years old. So what’s going on in each of these parts of the mind is going to dictate what happens to the body.

The Subconscious Fights with the Conscious Mind, Causing Distress

If the conscious mind and the subconscious mind aren’t congruent in thinking, then what happens is anxiety takes place, fear takes place, stress takes place.

The way that I like to look at it is like a mathematical formula.

If you have an X-type subconscious, but you have a Y-type idea that you’re trying to press upon yourself–maybe it’s this new belief about wealth, and maybe your subconscious mind is saying…

“You know what? Money is hard to come by. My parents barely scrape by for money. The only way to make money is through hard work and honesty alone.”

Then you’ve got this new internet business that you’re trying to build, and the conscious mind is essentially saying, “Hey, there’s this new idea! I can do this thing called affiliate marketing. I can make 100% commissions. I can work no more than two hours a day. I can make money while I sleep.”

When that idea is trying to press upon the subconscious mind that has completely opposite beliefs, that’s where a lot of the stress and anxiety and the I-can’t-do-this fear takes place.

Then it results in the expressions shown in the body and the actions that take place as a result of what’s going on in the subconscious mind.

So happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, disease, and decay.

“We Don’t Die. We Kill Ourselves.”

One of my mentors, I can’t remember exactly who, but Bob Proctor actually quoted this, he said that we don’t die, we kill ourselves. And that’s so true.

The times of my life where I’m dealing with brain fog, I’m dealing with stomach problems, I’m—you know. I get sick.

It’s typically a result of stress, and that just goes to show you that if you can understand exactly what’s going on in your mind, and you can actually have the ability to recognize that and change it, then when you run into situations like this, you can almost release yourself from the problem and know exactly what you need to do to find that solution.

Here’s another perfect example:

You’ve got the conscious mind up here, this is book knowledge, ability to repeat information, and then you have the subconscious mind, which is your paradigms that we’re going to talk about in just a second, your programming and your genetic and environmental predispositions.

So again, where you grew up, the beliefs that your family, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers gave you, and then you have the body, the actions and results controlled by what’s going on right here at the end of the day.

If you want to change your results, you’ve got to change yourself.

You’ve got to change your identity.

You’ve got to change your paradigm.

You’ve got to change what’s going on, what you’re consciously thinking about.

What is a Paradigm?

Let’s go ahead and let’s talk about what a paradigm actually is.

A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are fixed in the subconscious mind.

As I said, it’s essentially your programming.

This image right here depicts it really well: You’ve got your self-image.

You’ve got things like money, how much money you make, what your bank account looks like, your weight, how physically fit you are, things like success, confidence, relationships, do you have a girlfriend, wife, husband, or boyfriend, and if you don’t, how do you look at yourself as a result of that?

How I Changed My Paradigms

What I began doing to change part of my paradigm was understanding that the results up to this point in my life, whatever point that was, it was a result of my current level of thinking.

It was a result of what I had done up to that point. It wasn’t who I was; it was just my results. That’s it.

Then I started thinking that a lot of these different factors, like my weight, money, success, confidence, and relationships weren’t just me.

It wasn’t me. It wasn’t my identity.

It just resulted from the actions I was taking.

I was able to rewrite the next page of my life, and realize that, “Wow, this is so cool! My story of yesterday doesn’t have to be my story today.”

But as they say, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

So what I began doing is, I started reading books that proved my thought that, “Oh my gosh, I can rewrite my future!”

Yesterday does not need to be like today.

I started reading all these autobiographies of different people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, presidents of the United States. Just thought leaders, Gandhi, thought leaders around the world.

And a lot of them came from backgrounds where they were poor, they didn’t have a lot of money, they didn’t have a lot of resources.

And they failed many, many times, but there was a point where they had a breakthrough and the way that they had that breakthrough is changing their self-image, realizing that once again, what they were doing in the past environment that they were a part of does not need to dictate what’s going to happen in the future.

We’ll go ahead and talk a little bit more about how to change your paradigms here in just a second, but I want to show you exactly how a paradigm has actually developed so that you’re aware of it, and so you can finally—hopefully—relieve yourself from thinking that your identity is not even your identity or that your identity was created from your parents and from other people.

How the Subconscience Develops

This is a perfect example.

When you’re an infant you don’t even have a subconscious mind.

You have no programming because no information has gone through your mind.

The way that you develop that is through your family, your parents most importantly.

They always do the best that they can, but sometimes you don’t turn out the way that you had hoped.

You’ve got a radio, TV advertisements, and billboards.

You’ve got TV and newspapers, and if you have friends, then you’ve got enemies.

You’ve got things that you choose, like music that you listen to. You’ve got random strangers who you might listen to.

And as you listen to these things repetitively over time, you eventually form your subconscious.

And then your subconscious, as we explained, shows through within the body, whether it be stress-, anxiety-, or fear-driven actions that you take.

Change the People You Know to Change Your Paradigms

If you’re in a place where you’re in an environment that’s not conducive to your progression in your life and in your business, just look at the people around you.

The best way to see somebody’s result is to look at the people that they hang out with.

It’s so true when they say that your income is in direct proportion to the five closest people that you hang out with.

So if you truly want to change your current position, all you need to really change is your environment.

Change the people that you’re around, and if you can’t change the people that you’re around, you need to get indirect and even direct mentors.

This is how we change our paradigm, and this is a perfect illustration of what goes on.

If you look at your results right now and they’re not what you want them to be, what actions are you taking every single day?

Control Your Listening Time to Change Your Paradigms

What are you listening to? Are you listening to garbage?

Are you listening to things that aren’t conducive to your goals?

If you’re waking up every day and you’re just listening to a bunch of music that has no meaning to it or that doesn’t help you get to where you want to go, doesn’t help you change limiting beliefs that you have, then it can be considered garbage.

Go write down what type of garbage that you’re listening to, whether it be from your friends, your family, your co-workers, or people that you’re around, and then on the other side of the paper just draw a straight line.

Write Down What You Hear and Listen to Daily

I want you to write down things that you are listening to on a daily basis that is conducive to your success.

And if things on the left-hand side, the garbage, is outweighing the things on the right-hand side, the things that really help you get towards your goals faster, then that’s your problem right there.

Just change what you listen to and you’re going to change your results, but it’s not always about what you’re listening to.

It’s about what you’re thinking as a result of what you’re listening to.

No One Becomes a Genius without Help

Go back and look at all the successful people in history.

A lot of times you think Mozart and Albert Einstein, they just came out of the womb and they were geniuses.

You don’t realize the mentors that they had.

If they’re getting garbage mentors coming in, then they’re gonna have garbage coming out.

If you’re listening to mentors that have a bunch of garbage and are fakers, then you know you’re going to become a whole lot like them.

But if you’re listening to people you know…

For example, you look at Albert Einstein and look at the other mathematicians that came before him that he listened to.

I’m not gonna mention any names. I can’t remember specifically.

But you can go back and you can do the research and you can see who the mentors were of a lot of these famous people.

You Develop on Paths People Lay Out for You

The idea is that every day you listen to the right people, you’re gonna start to develop the same results as the people that came before you.

Eventually, you’ll even reach beyond them and get results that outweigh whatever they’ve been able to do in their lives.

Some Tips to Change Your Mindset

Here are some steps to change your paradigm and make 90% of your activities, whether it’s listening, watching, reading, or associating with mentors and entrepreneurs that are on the same path as you.

Whether it’s going to meetups, hanging out in forums and groups, or Facebook groups of people that think as you do, it’s going to be 90% of your success.

Turn Off the TV

Shut off the TV. This includes news and shows that don’t further your education and help you reach your goals.

Now I’m not saying to completely shut off the TV. In the beginning, I would probably suggest that you do that; that’s exactly what I did.

The most crucial part of your success is always the beginning stages, and it’s gonna be the hardest part because you have a lot of paradigms that you need to change, a lot of habits that you need to change, and sometimes that can take time to do.

Listen to Motivational Speakers

I would recommend that a hundred percent of your free time be spent on listening to audios, reading books, and watching motivational YouTube videos.

One of the things that I used to do all the time is, I would go to work, and when I worked in the jewelry store we would open the store every single day and put all the jewelry in the cases, take all the jewelry out of the vault, and during this time I would plug in my headphones and listen to that Bob Proctor seminar that I was talking about earlier.

Once I realized that it was okay, I decided to spend 90% of the time listening to people like that.

I listened to people I want to listen to and that I need to listen to, people that are gonna help me reach my goals.

We’ll spend the rest of the time—10 % of the time—listening to my co-workers or even your family members.

Your Family Might Not Like What You’re Doing

A lot of your family members are not going to believe in what you’re doing.

They’re gonna think that it’s outside the box. They’re gonna think that it’s different, but you have to look at the statistics.

Those are the reasons why 2% of people in the world make about 96% to 97% of the money.

Somebody coming to you who’s in the 96% or 98% of people that don’t think like the 2% is obviously gonna think that you’re deranged.

They’re gonna think that you’re weird because you’re doing something completely different than everybody else.

You’re doing what the 2% is doing instead of what the 98% are doing.

Lose Your Friends if They Don’t Support You

It’s important that you shut off anything that’s going to keep you from your goals.

I don’t care if it’s your friends.

You’re gonna have to choose to hang out less with friends that don’t support you and your goals.

I can tell you that over time, though I had a lot of friends in high school, there’s only a small, select few that I still hang out with today.

And the friends that I have today are other entrepreneurs or other people that are in the online marketing space.

You’re gonna notice that as your income changes, your friends are gonna change and your environment’s going to change. You want to stay away from people that don’t support your goals.

Write out a Goal Card

Most importantly, write out a goal card. Write out your goals on a goal card. Sometimes this works incredibly well for people.

I did more visualization techniques, but that might work a little bit better for you.

I was hungry. You need to have a strong why.

This is probably one of the most important things that you need to know with this module; you need to have a why.

Find Your Why: Know Your Pain Point

Why are you doing this? And if it’s just for money, I’m sorry to say, but in about two weeks you’re probably gonna quit this program.

You’re probably gonna go look for the next shiny object and jump on something else.

For me, the pain of working at my job was greater than the pain and insecurity of the unknown of building an online business.

Because my pain was so high and my why was so high—which for me, it was just quitting my job.

For some of you that might not be deep enough.

You’ll Do Things You Thought Were Impossible

How great is the pain? Is a pain larger than trying to go for your dreams? What it is you do? Whatever it takes!

I started shooting videos; I’d never been on video before I started doing things that I never thought in a million years that I would do.

I went and spoke on stages, and that frightened me. I remember getting panic attacks.

I would go the whole day without eating before getting on stage, but stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow.

It allowed me to become somebody that I never thought that I would become.

It’s allowed me to become a better communicator; it’s allowed me to impact more people.

Progress is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

You have to realize that being able to change lives is just right outside of your comfort zone, and somebody needs and wants to hear your voice.

Keep Your Goals with You

I want to inspire you to write out your why. Write out your goals and your why on a goal card.

Carry it around in your pocket, laminate that card, look at it every single day, and remind yourself what your goals are and why you’re doing this.

Because it could be so easy to fall off. It’s as easy as it is to focus.

Every single day I like to rewrite out my goals, and you need to also.

I like to plan out my day.

We’re going to get into my daily method of operation here in the next module, but it’s important that you cover these things.

That you have your why, that you write your goals on a goal card, and that you look at these goals every single day.

Here’s an example of some students, I told them to write down two different goals, two different milestones over the year that they wanted to reach.

And you can see the top right-hand corner is June 11th, 2019.

I’ve made $5,000 in one month in my affiliate marketing business, and then by September 11th, I had my first $10,000 dollars in one month with my affiliate marketing business.

I’m so happy and grateful now that I make $5,000 a month online. Having these types of incantations which are these things that you tell yourself every day does wonder.

If You Lie to Yourself Enough, You’ll Start to Believe the Lie

One of the other things that I learned is when you tell yourself a lie long enough and persistently enough, consistently enough, you actually start to believe it.

And that’s what happened to me.

I remember it was about June 2014, right before I quit my job in October.

I woke up one day and I was like, “Holy crap! I believe in myself. I can do this!” and it took a little while to get to that point, because I had to eliminate a lot of these limiting beliefs that I had, but it was like this liberation and this weight lifted off of my shoulders, and it changed my life.

It changed the game. It changed my future.

Just by reading and listening to the same thing over and over again, even if I didn’t believe it initially, listening to it so much while suspending disbelief got me to the point where I believed it.

Ideas Need Time to Take Root and Sprout

I’m blessed. I gave this a chance.

Sometimes you plant a seed and you have to water it consistently over time.

The soil has to be right, the environment has to be right for that seed to grow into a beautiful, strong, green plant and continue to grow just like the thoughts that go into your mind.

You know a mental seed is just as important as a physical seed.

Just like a baby takes nine months to be born, it takes a plant a few months to grow, depending on the plant of course.

It’s the same thing with your ideas.

The universe has a gestation period for your ideas.

It could be that you plant that idea today, and it could be six months.

It could be three months or it could be two months.

One of my mentors, Tony Robbins, said that we overestimate what we can do in six months, and we underestimate what we can do in three to five years, and that’s so true.

I put it this way.

Would you rather me give you $1,000 today or would you like $50,000 in one year?

Because of the compounding effect at work, what you do today as an entrepreneur is going to make a difference a year from now, so a lot of people get in this mindset of instant gratification, trading time for money.

That’s not what you’re doing here. The goodwill you know as you plant that seed and water that seed every single day…

Yeah, you might not see that the seed is grown into a plant right off the bat, but then all of a sudden you’ll wake up one day and you’ll go outside and be like, “Wow. This seed just popped up.

I wasn’t seeing anything yesterday, but now I see this plant just completely starting to grow.”

Businesses Grow the Same Way

It’s going to be like that within your business.

You’re gonna go for a few months and you might not have success.

Then, all a sudden, boom! You have a $3,500 a month business.

And then you jump up to $10,000, but you need to be patient to get to that point.

Then if you dedicate yourself to doing this every single day, because this is the most important part.

When you don’t have a foundation for a house, you can’t try and build your business.

When you don’t have a strong mindset and you go out there and you’re trying to implement these things I’m going to teach you in this course, you’re not gonna have the belief in yourself to go out there and do it.

That’s why there’s tons of great information out there and you wonder why people fail. It’s because of the mindset. It’s because of the things that we talked about here.

You’re gonna make it happen.

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