High Ticket Accelerator Review (Vlog Day 18-25)

If you check out my this playlist on Youtube channel here, you’ll see I started my journey with the high ticket affiliate business model a couple of months ago or so.

It was called then, the zero to 10k challenge. My goal is to reach 10k per month by November 2019 using this process.

If you watch my recent video below, you’ll learn that my mentor Josh Elder decided to pivot with this course and create a better plan of action for us and the High Ticket Accelerator was born.

Now the video above is just my vlog talking about what happened and why the pivot was needed.

The video below is my official review where I go over point to point of the entire course and my personal results.

This is an update video where I reveal a financial #win with my first solo ad campaign with Igor, promoting my first opportunity.

I talk about how the training and coaching from Josh Elder and his team in the high ticket accelerator helped me achieve that. The amount isn’t life changing and I’m not ROI positive BUT a #win none the less.

I also talk about our transition from the zero to 10k challenge to the high ticket accelerator mentorship/course.

Hope you get inspired to make that mental paradigm shift and DECIDE to join and come along on this journey with me!

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments 🙂

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