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My Promise to You

Here is my BIG promise to anyone in this community that is new and doesn’t know me yet.

1. What this isn’t and what it won’t be:

This isn’t some pointless Hype Business concept. You aren’t going to lose your credibility by inviting people that trust you.

You aren’t going to be pressured into buying a high ticket offer. We aren’t going to do a long beta launch.

We don’t have some sort of new currency and token offer that wouldn’t be valid for many years. This isn’t a start-up that is undercapitalized.

We won’t be doing a new CBD deal or a new Crypto concept, though I’m a fan of both.

2. What this is and what we will have:

This is something you will be proud to be a part of.

This involves health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family, and fun.

We do have a variety of beauty and wellness products.

We are all about longevity, immunity, unity, and community.

We will have complete, top-notch content, community, and commerce.

You will be able to earn commissions on tangible and digital products.

We will have exclusive free travel experiences; we aren’t a travel company… we love to work, live and travel the world.

What Our Future Looks Like

Example: You spend $500 and you get $500 worth of products and $800 worth of travel. Round trip flight, hotel, transportation, lunch etc. This is a perk.

Newbies will get a red carpet experience. Leaders will have massive leverage to build their business.

This will appeal to affiliates, super-affiliates, distributors and/or networkers.

We Have a Billion Dollar Partner

We will be opening the door in September to reveal the dashboard and our partner.

We do have a Billion-Dollar Brand partner company.

We Already Have Global Impact

The partner is our financial vehicle and partner in supply and shipping amazing products all over the world.

We are doing business in 151 countries.

We have nearly 50 global offices.

Global leadership, management, and support are already in place.

You will be able to get plugged in all over the world. This will be appealing for part-time or full-time.

We will have Free and VIP accounts.

We are going to implement a 24-Hour Golden Rule Pass up making it possible for people that need help getting started to earn before they buy, as long as they take action within 24 hours.

Your direct referrals will be coded to you for life.

We will have macro, micro, and team commissions.

You will be eligible to earn 33%++ on all direct for digital products.

You will also earn micro commissions, i.e. $1 on the straight line that isn’t your direct.

Your number, #, or position does matter and will give you more leverage and ways to win.

More updates coming all week! Help me get this message out to the group.

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