10 Ways To Combat Procrastination (It’s All In Your Head)

A wise man once said ‘I will do all I have to do today and leave nothing for tomorrow, except what tomorrow brings as it comes.’

Often and again, we have been in the shoes of the wise man, sometimes we have tried to fill his shoes and failed.

Once upon a time, you may have made plans, big or small that you wanted to achieve within a time frame but you have watched the time fly without you achieving any of these things. Well, you’re not the first.

You might also be at that point where you are setting up details for a major project, business or career idea, or just writing down a to-do list for all your house chores; now is the time to make sure you achieve every goal as at when due without giving in to procrastination

The thing with procrastination is that it doesn’t often seem like a problem in the beginning, especially when you put off little things that might not leave an effect; however the problem sets in when you continue to give energy to this habit and eventually let it get in the way of your success and achievement.

If you have found yourself giving in to this thief of time called procrastination then you most probably need to pay attention to the details contained here; they would help you get your time and your life back.

  • Decide to do it now: the major aspect of procrastination is putting off decision making; making a decision, therefore, help you put the best foot first in this battle. Do it quick. Do it now.
  • Get it done in three steps: often times, exploring your feelings about issues is the best way to make a lasting decision. Take these steps to fight procrastination from the inside out
    • Pen down how you feel about procrastination. Ask yourself what it does to you, why and how you do it. Identify the things and situations that lead you to procrastinate as well as the effects on yourself and your plans.
    • Make a contrasting write up to the previous one. Tell yourself what would happen if you don’t procrastinate, the changes it would make to your plans and goals. Ponder on the positive effects of getting things done on time and internalize them.
    • Remind yourself daily of the reasons you should stop procrastinating, write nuggets out of it and have it around you until it pushes you to a point where you totally move away from procrastination.
  • Break your projects into small achievable action points: a large project can be a major cause of cold feet and procrastination. The best way to avoid this is by breaking your plans or projects into smaller more achievable steps, that way every little thing you get done leads to the success of your major project.
  • A good job done is better than the best job undone: often times you could feel discouraged about a task when you feel like you lack what it takes to do a perfect job, but then, choosing to not do anything does not help anything. Do the best you can, there is always room for revision and upgrade afterward.
  • Get someone to be accountable to: following through with all this will be much easier when you have someone to walk you through it, one who would check on your progress rate and hold you accountable to your plans
  • Meditate: the strength of your mind cannot be overemphasized. When properly channeled, your thoughts are one of the greatest links to a successful or failed behavior. Take time to get rid of negative thoughts in your mind that could lead to lack of belief in yourself and eventually procrastination.
  • Review the tasks on your to-do list: it is important to do this because it helps give clarity and focus. Ask yourself how important dome of your tasks are and why you have to achieve them, what you get on the long run from achieving them. Sometimes you might procrastinate some projects or goals because they are personally not important to you, if this is the case then it is better to put such project aside and work on more important projects.
  • Take cognizance of your success rate: every day when you wake up, mentally recap how far you have gone with your most recent project; write it down if you feel like. It is very important to celebrate little steps as they would inspire you to continue working hard on the things you are yet to achieve.
  • It’s all in the attitude: choose a positive focused and upbeat attitude over an insecure unsure attitude. Positivity goes a long way in seeing you through whatever task you have to accomplish while a negative unsure attitude would be a stumbling block in your steps. It is often said that when you change an attitude you change your life; that fact stand true here. Have a positive attitude every day and watch yourself win.
  • Set up a reward system for yourself: good behavior calls for a reward as it drives better behavior. Anytime you achieve a new feat or achieve a goal without procrastinating, reward yourself for your success. It can be as little as getting your favorite drink or seeing a movie you have been hearing about. Whatever you choose to do, reward yourself for your hard work, and then look forward to the next task.

It is normal to face one challenge or the other on your course to avoid procrastination. You might fail a time or two and find yourself sliding back to where you started from but you must hold on and make positive steps to be better.

For every backward step, you find yourself taking, take two steps forward. Before you know it, you are at a place where you can’t find procrastination no matter how hard you look.

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