Affiliate Marketing Journey: Fuel Your Dreams With This Message

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It’s a great way to start the day, getting ourselves in the right zone in the right frame of mind, to get the maximum output from your inputs in the week when you’re building your business.

Because I have a firm belief that no amount of strategies or tactics or tricks or anything like that, in the world of, you know, marketing and advertising and those kinds of things, no amount of that stuff can help you, if you, first, don’t help yourself.

And if I look back, I blew 10’s of thousands of dollars, over the years… and yet hadn’t even made a single sale online. You know, it’s very easy to point fingers and say, Well, you know, I was sold a bunch of scammy Bs products and all that kind of stuff, which in part is true.

I’m definitely not proclaiming that there weren’t any really bad products that I was sold in the past. But yet, at the same time, who was the one actually buying them, you know, there was nobody there forcing my hand, to sit at the computer, pull out my card and buy another product, there was nobody forcing me to sporadically jump from thing to thing to thing without actually committing to one thing long enough to actually see if it could even work.

So while there was some bad products, and terrible practices and bad people along the way, I can definitely say that it was obviously myself taking responsibility that was making those decisions. And so I had to change my personal mindset, I had to change the way in which I viewed things, I had to change the way in which I had certain beliefs around certain things.

And I’m not talking about any kind of religious basis here, I’m talking about beliefs around what it would take to get what I proclaimed to want out of this online marketing stuff, right. I was trying to figure out how to do affiliate marketing and yet I wasn’t focusing on anything for any length of time…

So I was like a get rich quick chaser.

You have people that chase storms, and they do all kinds of crazy stuff. And you look at them on these TV shows, and you think, what are they doing? Why would you put yourself in such danger? Well, that was me for so many years chasing some elusive get rich, quick pipe dream on the internet.

And so it’s so critically important that we first adapt our own mindset, sometimes it’s going to mean significant shifts, in our own personal views about what it is going to take from us. Because Make no mistake, you know, building any kind of business, creating any kind of income for yourself in your own business is never going to be like at the push of a button.

Otherwise, every single person in the world on the planet would just push that button…

It’s not like playing the lottery, and you’ve just got a ticket in your hand and you sit back, hoping and praying for your numbers to come in. You have got to make this happen for yourself. So I’m going to be giving a bit of a message and talk about this for the next few moments to kick off your day or your week…

How do you approach life?

So, my mom had breast cancer and this year will mark almost 11 years cancer free. She beat it.

But if actually knew her, you would say, like, wow, you would never know she had cancer… She is such a bubbly, alive, just incredible human being. And I think that’s because she obviously was in a situation where she had learned to appreciate every single day and it’s something that really, everybody should be that way.

But you just fall into the trap of your day to day life, right. And nobody really thinks outside of that, nobody really thinks about how lucky we are to even be on this planet. I mean, the odds of even being born are just ridiculous, right?

And then the fact that you are born and you’re living and breathing on this planet, and even if you’re fortunate enough to live a long, healthy life, in the grand scheme of things, it’s still so fast, it’s still so quick.

I think we need to be grateful every day and be honest every day and make the most of every single day that you can.

Looking back, for me, I reflected on how people responded to me and how people viewed me… the things that people would say to me early on, when I was super excited when I found affiliate marketing. Initially, I thought when I first found affiliate marketing that, I was going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams.

And so I would always see the opportunities, and I would see what people were doing online reading all the same kind of stories that you read, you know, the sales pages of people making untold fortunes online, and I was just convinced like this was going to be the thing that was going to just change my life…

It’ll change my life and take me out of these crappy jobs that I have.

And, and as I was getting into it, I was almost like shouting and preaching it to everyone, like all my friends, you know, and people I would see and family, I was like, you have to look at this stuff. It’s so incredible.

And obviously most people don’t even know this type of stuff exists, which is why it’s so bizarre to them.

And they think it’s all a scam and affiliate marketing is just one big pyramid scheme and all this kind of thing.

And, you know, obviously when you’re not getting any results, and the week’s go on and the month is gone, and then years passed by, it becomes harder and harder to actually like positively talk about it, because you’ve got no results to show.

And that was me for a long, long time. And, as I reflected, I thought I needed to not put so much emphasis or giving so much credibility or so much weight to what other people think of you, and not living your life by other people’s viewpoints.

And to go out every day and live life how you want to live… go for what you believe in, go for what you want, and not be held back or restricted by the opinions, views or outlooks of other people that are around you.

And it just made me think like… if every day you go out, and you don’t take on board, you don’t like allow other people’s opinions to influence your actions. And you just wholeheartedly go all in and forwards with full focus on doing the things that you want to do.

Because you believe in the things that you’re doing. And you want the outcome that you’re working towards which all of us here, you know, everybody here is building a business because you want more, you want to make more of an impact in other people’s lives, you want to give more value to others, you want to make more for yourself become more for yourself, you know, ultimately it comes down to you want more, and that’s great, that’s perfectly fine.

But the problem is, is along the way, in striving to get more, in striving to become more and do more and achieve more, you’re going to have other people giving you their opinions on what you want.

And other people are going to tell you that you should be happy with what you’ve got, you should be content with where you have things you should you know you should not be doing the things you’re doing, and they will try and impart their fears on you.

People will project their fears and beliefs onto you and they will often do so because of their own self doubts because of the way in which they feel about themselves.

And they will tell you things like, you’re probably not gonna be able to do that, or it’s not possible. But really what they’re actually saying is, it wasn’t possible for me, I couldn’t do that. And so they will try and impart their fears and beliefs onto you.

Because that’s what they believe to be true. And make no mistake, like, I’m not proclaiming here that any of your friends or family are trying to lie to you. In fact, quite the opposite. What those that truly love you or if they say things like that to you, it’s actually their way of trying to protect you that they believe they think they’re actually looking after you and try to protect you, when they tell you things like that, because they don’t want you if they truly love you and care for you, they don’t want you obviously, to experience pain.

And in trying to accomplish more for yourself, you will often go through some degree of pain… I’m not speaking about physical pain, like slamming your hand in a door or anything I’m talking more about, like emotional pain, pain of failure, the pain of trying to do something and getting it wrong, the pain of making mistakes, the pain of having to admit that you got something wrong and you make mistakes…

The amount of times that I can recite and go through so many instances like that. And what happens is, you have the people that are closest to you see, you go through pain and their way of protecting you is to tell you look, maybe you shouldn’t be doing that, maybe it’s not possible, maybe it’s all a scam.

But I want to encourage every single one of you to do is to appreciate their opinion, but not allow it to alter you.. not allow those external opinions, those doubts, those fears, those beliefs that others have to actually impact you.

Because if you believe in yourself, and you are committed to doing whatever it takes within the confines of the law and moral compass, of course, if you are willing to do whatever it takes to realize that goal, and you never give up and you don’t quit on yourself and you don’t allow other people to pull you off track because their beliefs in you.. then you will absolutely get there eventually.

I think it’s true to say about every single one of us that usually were our worst critics, usually we are harshest critics of ourselves, we always look back and think we could have done more should have done more, we always think we should be further ahead than where we are, we always say I should be further ahead, I should have done more by now.

But I always think when I compare myself to others, like where did I get it wrong? Why did you get it?

Especially now, when I see other people in my program getting results quicker…

I mean, while it’s inspirational, and it motivates me, and it kind of lights a fire under your backside, when you’re in that kind of company and you’re seeing what they’ve done…

You know, at the same time, you then have those things in your mind… like gosh, what did I do wrong? Like how did they get it?

So, I’m just trying to illustrate that no matter where you’re at and what you’ve done and what you haven’t done, you’re probably going to look at yourself and think you could have should have maybe should be further ahead of where you’re at right now.

And so I guess the ultimate message is just be careful on what and who you choose to listen to. Because a lot of what is going to be said to you, as you venture on this journey to build your business to accomplish more in life to get more, be more and become more, a lot of what’s going to be said to you can be very negative.

And it can be negative because others are trying to end their views, their fears, their beliefs onto you. But that’s not going to serve you in any way shape or form. You need to have people believing in you, you need to believe in yourself, you need to not stop you need to be all in on chasing those dreams and making it actually happen to build your business. And if you can do that, while filtering out all the other stuff…

Combined with the tactical strategy, strategic marketing stuff and traffic generation and list building stuff. When you become the best version of yourself that you can be both mentally, physically, emotionally filtering out all the negativity that others will try and impart on you, then you can truly build anything that you want.

You can create what you want, become what you want, and achieve whatever it is that you want. Just understand that along the way, it’s not always going to be easy. It’s not always going to be simple. And sometimes you’ll have to learn new things. But as long as you don’t give up, never stop and keep going forwards… that finish line, I promise you is definitely closer then you might even think and so I’ll leave you with that thought. I hope that helps.

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